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Busta Rhymes

Touch It (Remix 1) dainos žodžiai

[Intro] Buy it - use it - break it - fix it - crush it - change it - melt - upgrade it [Intro continues in slower pitch]
[Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo, what you think the building is gon' feel like once the dog and Busta Rhymes come through this motherf**ker? Oh man, not again OOOOOWWWWWW
[Chorus] Touch it - bring it - babe - watch it - turn it - leave it - stop - format it [repeat 4x]
[DMX] WHAT, remix [Busta] We 'bout to do it again [DMX] WHAT, remix [Busta] We 'bout to do it again [DMX] WHAT, remix [Busta] We bout to do it again [DMX] WHAT
[Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo dog, lets take it to another level Get low Bus You see them back with the smash I told you niggaz I'm comin and bustin yo ass Alot of niggaz is hype, but you know they hardly be trash See I don't read through them niggaz, bout to step on the gas (TURN IT UP) EVERYBODY WANNA KNOCK IT, SEE THIS SHIT OFF THE HOOK GOT THE DOG WIT ME LIKE WE BOUT TO DO IT TO JOOKS EAT A NIGGA FOOD, CALL ME BLACK CAESAR THE CROOK AND WHILE I'M BACK BRINGIN THE PRESSURE YOU NIGGAZ IS SHOOK Get low Bus, aye nigga, gimme a second See you ain't in my lane homie, just for the record Everytime you see me, you need to, you better respect it Cause when I bring it, you I'm only comin to bust it (TURN IT UP) BUSTA BUS, SWIZZ AND X, YOU CAN'T HANDLE US NOW SEE I'M THE THRONE HOLDER BITCH, THE SHIT'S UNANIMOUS NOW WHO THE F**K WANNA TRY TO COME BANG WIT US NOW NONE OF YALL, THAT'S WHY OUR BITCH WANNA HANG WIT US NOW I LET 'EM
[DMX] Grrrrrrrrr
[Busta Rhymes] Get low X
[DMX] Anything it's took, it's gon be a breakdown Come through like hmmm, what I'm gon take now? Whatever the f**k I want, trust me dog It gets ugly even when it comes to the hunt (TURN IT UP) NIGGAZ LIKE TO STUNT, YOU WANNA TO FRONT I'MA HIT YOU AND YOUR MAN AND IMA HIT YOU WHERE YOU STAND (WHAT) NIGGAZ AIN'T BUILT FOR NOTHIN BUT FRONTIN COME THROUGH, FAGGOTS HIT THE SECURITY FRONTIN (Keep goin X) Get that do, What that do? How that do? F**k you faggot, I shot at you And what? You and you mans butt, you in your man's truck But your chance is up, not get up {TURN IT UP} YOU KNOW HOW THAT SHIT GOES, LET THAT SHIT GO AIN'T NOTHIN CHANGE, BEEN THE SAME FROM THE GETGO (WHAT) GET UP OUT THAT WHIP YO, I AIN'T GON' TELL YOU AGAIN F**K IT, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND
[Busta Rhymes] Get low X
[DMX] Swizz is the monster, X is the beast F**kin wit Bus, man everyday is a piece Stay off the streets, tired of talkin to y'all niggaz I'ma stick a fork at y'all niggaz (TURN IT UP) WHEN I HIT 'EM, MAN THAT TRUCK GON GET 'EM MAN F**KED UP HOW I DID 'EM MAN (WHAT) AIN'T NO REMORSE BUT THE CORPSE, TRUTH IS YOU CAN'T I.D. THE BODY WHEN IT'S TOOTHLESS
[Busta Rhymes] Get low Bus, just like peas and rice The way I cook, niggaz gotta have a Jesus Christ What the f**k you niggaz wanna do? Please, I'm nice I'm only gonna say it once, I'm ain't sayin it twice (TURN IT UP) YO I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU DON'T WANT NO PROBLEM WHEN I PACK OUT THE FULL CLIP BUS RHYMES, BACK ON THE BULLSHIT F**K YOU WANNA COME AROUND, YOU AND YOUR CREW SPIT I'M HEAR TO FIX THE GAME AND I'M BACK WIT THE TOOLKIT, YOU CAN
[Drum plays in the beat]
[Chorus 'til fade]


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