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Insane Clown Posse

What Is A Juggalo? dainos žodžiai

(vocal ad lib)
What is a juggalo?
Lemme think for a second. (well?)
Oh he gets butt naked.
And then he walks through the street winkin' at freaks
Wit a two liter stuck in his butt cheeks!
What is a juggalo?
He just don't care.
He might try to put a weave in his nut hair.
Cuz he could give a fuck less what a bitch thinks
He tell her that her butt stinks and all that
What is a juggalo?
He drinks like a fish,
And then he starts huggin' people like a drunk bitch,
Next thing he's pickin' fights with his best friends,
Then he starts with the huggin' again, fuck,
What is a juggalo?
A fuckin' lunatic.
Somebody with a rope tied to his dick,
Then he jumps out a ten-story window………oh!
What is a juggalo?
A juggalo? If that's what it is, well fuck if I know.
What is a juggalo?
I don't know, but I'm down with the clown, and I'm down for life, yo.
(end chorus)
(vocal breakdown)
What is a juggalo?
A dead body.
Well he ain't really dead, but he ain't like anybody
That you've ever met before.
He'll eat Monopoly and shit out Connect Four.
What is a jug-
What the fuck? Connec-man, that shit's wack.
Don't worry 'bout my shit, just rap, mutha fucker.
What is a juggalo?
He ain't a bitch boy.
He'll walk through to the hills and beat down a rich boy.
Walks right in the house where ya havin' supper,
And dip his nuts in ya soup……bloop!
What is a juggalo?
Well he ain't a phoney.
He'll walk up and bust a nut in your macaroni.
And watch you sit there and finish up the last bit,
Cuz you're a stupid-ass dumb fuckin' idiot.
What is a juggalo?
He's a graduate.
He graduated from…………well,
At least he's got a job, he's not a dumb putz,
He works for himself scratchin' his nuts, Ha!
What is a juggalo?
A hulkamaniac.
He powerbombs mutha fuckas into thumbtacks. (Bwa!)
People like him till they find out he's unstable.
He sabooed ya mama through a coffee table. (Oh my god!)
(vocal breakdown)
(vocal breakdown)
What is a juggalo?


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