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Bruce Cockburn dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Bruce Cockburn - Fascist Architecture
Fascist architecture of my own design Too long been keeping my love confined You tore me out of my...

Bruce Cockburn - Fall
Cloud pillars clinging like vines to the sky Don't cry We'll walk down the meadow with sunrise ins...

Bruce Cockburn - Electro Shock Blues
Feelin' scared today Write down I am okay A hundred times the doctor say I am okay I am ...

Bruce Cockburn - Electricity Through Space
Sittin' in my darkened room, got nothing else to do. Tune into my radio, but there's nothing comi...

Bruce Cockburn - Dweller By A Dark Stream
It could have been me put the Thorns in your crown Rooted as I am in a violent ground How many ti...

Bruce Cockburn - Dust And Diesel
Battered buses jammed up to the roof Dust and diesel the prevailing themes. Farmer sleeping on the...

Bruce Cockburn - Down Here Tonight
Sweet wind blowing off the bay Sweeping the heat of the day away Making the leaves of the palm tre...

Bruce Cockburn - Dont Have To Tell You Why
Don't want to be on no rooftop Frying in the afternoon sun Don't want to sit by no fountain Liste...

Bruce Cockburn - Dont Feel Your Touch
In front of a newborn moon pushing up its glistening dome. I kiss these departing companions -- tak...

Bruce Cockburn - Does This System Work
Men and women young and old Out on the streets homeless Does the system Does the system ...

Bruce Cockburn - Deja Vu
Deja vu Glass cafe faces Fade into the wash Of brick-dust-yellow afternoon Deja vu Slow lines...

Bruce Cockburn - Dancing In Paradise
Praying mantis on screen Canoes prowl reef in early morning sun As it flashes on the rhythmic fall...

Bruce Cockburn - Cry Of A Tiny Babe
Mary grows a child without the help of a man Joseph get upset because he doesn't understand Angel ...

Bruce Cockburn - Creation Dream
Centred on silence Counting on nothing I saw you standing on the sea And everything was Dark exc...

Bruce Cockburn - Coldest Night Of The Year
I was up all night, socializing Trying to keep the latent depression from crystalizing Now the sun...

Bruce Cockburn - Closer To The Light
There you go Swimming deeper into mystery Here I remain Only seeing where you used to be Stared ...


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