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Greg Brown dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Greg Brown - Flabbergabble
Flabbergabble kookamunga ba goo-goo Fiddlefaddle swishamunga bumble gum too If you don't do what I...

Greg Brown - Fairfield
There's a whole lotta money in Fairfield, Fairfield, Fairfield, Whole lotta money in Fairfield, I'...

Greg Brown - Every Street In Town
I knew a woman, She was my friend, When we met I felt like I'd been born again Ah, we spent all o...

Greg Brown - Enough
When your head come forward And you dance all about Your legs start shaking And your tongue hung ...

Greg Brown - Ella Mae
[spoken introduction:] My grandparents on my father's side had a strawberry farm. It's a Beautifu...

Greg Brown - Early
Early one morning I walked out alone, I looked down the street; no one was around. The sun was jus...

Greg Brown - Dusty Woods
He's riding in the back of a wagon and his city choes are dragging And the sweat is pouring down hi...

Greg Brown - Driftness
Have I done enough, Father, Can I rest now? Have I learned enough, Mother, Can we talk now? Will...

Greg Brown - Driftin
Candy wrappers and small town dirt Under the dumb sun away we'll blow Old man down in a pop bottle...

Greg Brown - Dream On
1059 Gonna meet some sweet lover She'll be so wise and so kind Love her 'til we're a hundred 'n' ...

Greg Brown - Dream City
I'm living in dream city Lost in dreams of you I'm living in dream city Dreaming is all I do The...

Greg Brown - Dream Cafe
You were the woman in the blue mask, Standin there beside your dress. All the things I wanted from...

Greg Brown - Downtown
Yes I could stay home, I could read a book or two I could try to get a little bit better at some of...

Greg Brown - Down At The Sea Hotel
Tuna is tired, the seahorse is sleepy, The hammerhead's not feeling well. The catfish is yawning-...

Greg Brown - Down At The Mill
Down at the mill, down at the mill, The mill broke down, it's broken still. I never did find you, ...

Greg Brown - Dont You Think Too Much
Just one look at you, and I can see where you are, Ah, you're down in the blue hole; no one knows h...

Greg Brown - Dont Be So Sure
Don't be so sure about you and I Don't be so sure that hello was goodbye Oh, people drive off in t...

Greg Brown - Dear Wrinkled Face
Dear wrinkled face, Oh, lover friend. Best enemy, I love your hands. That whole fine mind Every...

Greg Brown - Daughters
One is long and one is short, One is thin and one is stout. In the morning when they wake, Only o...

Greg Brown - Dancing Round And Round
Hoots and hollers in the city Rivers rats all lay down low Pretty girls flash by in fast cars Pas...

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