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Blue Rodeo dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Blue Rodeo - What You Want
Woke up from another dream With the clouds in my head Sat down by the window Watched the sunrise ...

Blue Rodeo - What Is This Love
What is this love That I leave behind How can I turn From the tears in your eyes What is this wo...

Blue Rodeo - What Am I Doing Here?
On this useless night With you so far away I stand in front of this ferris wheel And I wonder wha...

Blue Rodeo - To Many Hands
Too many hands Carving up the sky And leaving their mark in the sand. Our destiny moves No matte...

Blue Rodeo - To Love Somebody
There's a light A certain kind of light That never shines on me I want my life to be Here with y...

Blue Rodeo - Till I Am Myself Again
I want to know where my confidence went One day it all disappeared And I'm lying in a hotel room m...

Blue Rodeo - Til I Gain Control Again
Just like the sun over the mountaintop You know I'll always come again You know I love to spend my...

Blue Rodeo - This Road
Driving home after the show Listening to the radio Speaker rattles Driver side door And Jane sin...

Blue Rodeo - The Days In Between
Then there are the days in between When everything seems hollow and mean Don’t want to move ...

Blue Rodeo - Tell Me Your Dream
As we sat in front of that August moon You said the clouds they look like they have wings Sometime...

Blue Rodeo - Somebody Waits
Now I think I know why You sounded so strange on the telephone It’s hard when you discover ...

Blue Rodeo - Side Of The Road
I pulled over to the side of the road I was feeling kind of sad I was feeling kind of blue I walk...

Blue Rodeo - Save Myself
I don't know why I ever left you But I'm sure it had to be a mess Cause when I felt it falling aro...

Blue Rodeo - Sad Nights
I walked you to the corner we stood beside the bus And the tears rolled down our faces as the drive...

Blue Rodeo - Rain Down On Me
You never need forgiveness Left home at seventeen So much a child Confident and wild Nobody taug...

Blue Rodeo - Rage
Now that we’re wasted Talking disconnected I see that wildness in your eyes Proud and hollo...

Blue Rodeo - Photograph
Started out so simple Everything so innocent and plain She was in a doorway And I was walking now...

Blue Rodeo - Now And Forever
I don't know if I ever wanted The things you said we wanted together Now and forever Too many nig...


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