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Lil Rob

The Other Side dainos žodžiai

Life can be short or long
And love can be right or wrong
Let's take a trip to the other side
The other side, the other side
The other side

Everybody talking Lil' Rob this, and Lil' Rob that
Well there's a man behind these shades, babydoll you better believe that
A man who can make up his own mind
When I see something bad I wanna make things all fine
But that's all in time
And there might be some times where I need some time to get away
That's when I spread my wings and I fly away
Far away from all this mess, from all this stress
Hey out there keeper of the dreams, bring me happiness
God bless all those who died in the war of the streets
God bless mis suelas, I love you, rest in peace
Feel the breeze, see the breeze ruffling through the trees
Falling leaves, memories stick with me like felonies
I'm deep like my sleep, if I'm sleeping please don't wake me
Cuz I'd rather dream my life away and let the angels take me
Hey hey have you ever tried, ever tried, ever tried
Really reaching out for the other side, other side

[Chorus x2]
Hey have you ever tried (have you ever tried)
Really reaching out for the other side, other side, other side
Hey have you ever tried (for the other side)
Really reaching out for the other side

Hey look the grass is greener on there other side
I'll never know until I go, things aren't always what they appear to be
You can't imagine how things appear to me
Unexplainable, just like a mystery
Mind-boggling thoughts of foolishness homeboy that's what this is to me
Is anybody listening? Is anybody there?
Hello? Hello? Does anybody care?
Who am I kinding, it's alright, maybe someday I'll find my way
But no matter what I do, someone always got something bad to say
It's ok, it could be worse, you never get hurt, but leave if you want
Don't get yourself get caught in that spot where you can't leave if you want
Have you ever been shot? It doesn't hurt, but the after-pain is excrutiating
They all say I was at the point where I was hallucinating
Ten things I've never seen, Crazy Life at eighteen
Gang violence going on and Lil' Rob was participating
That's why I trip on these fools saying I've never paid dues
Hey have you ever tried really reaching out for the other side

[Chorus x2]

The other side's in hand's reach, how come I can't reach
Maybe I'm not supposed to be there, Lil' Rob on the beware
Never will I be scared, I cross my heart and hope to die
Stick a thousand needles in my Goddamn eye
Fools like me should multiply
Fools like them all should die
Take that back that wasn't right, rather see them fight for life
Well he's not a fighter so I guess that he's a gonner
Watch him cry like a toddler making big puddles like water
I'm on the boundaries of good and evil
People aren't good to me so, why in the fuck should I be good to people?
The other side, where you put your pot aside
I'm on the outside looking on the inside
The flip side, the opposite side
Where you don't have a fit for any little shit side
I've got good intentions, please don't let me be misunderstood
Hey have you ever tried really reaching out for the other side

[Chorus x2]

Life can be short or long
And love can be right or wrong
Life can be short or long
And love can be right or wrong


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