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Lil Rob

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[Lil' Rob (Talkin)]
Hey what's happenin
Yeah it's me, Lil' Rob
A.K.A. The Naughty Boy

N-A-U-G-H-T-Y aqui estoy
Lil' Rob aka a naughty boy
You don't wanna play house
Wish I'm me voy
N-A-U-G-H-T, Y

[Lil' Rob]
Now when it comes to rockin rolas, I got the connecta
Lil' Rob, all up in tu area, neta
Don't mistake me for no gang or no clika
Ain't no man in this world who can fill me sneakers
I'm N-A-U-G-H-T-Y, let me take you home, girl I'd love to bone
Let me do you doggy style so we both can watch tv
L-I-L-R-O-B, from S-D, that's me
A.K.A. Naughty Boy, aqui estoy
Every where I got those hynas yell, "rock me boy"
I'm toppin out on my cylinders
And when it comes to money
I'm makin feria like millionaries
A hundred spoke daytons as I roll down the calle
In my 6-3, hop 33 down the valle
Plus I got some yerba, leva wanna smoke?
Fuck you, remember you kicked me down when I was broke
You just got broke

N-A-U-G-H-T-Y aqui estoy
Lil' Rob aka a naughty boy
You don't wanna play house
Wish I'm me voy
I got's to go, baby doll I got to go

N-A-U-G-H-T-Y aqui estoy
Lil' Rob aka a naughty boy
You don't wanna play house
Wish I'm me voy
N-A-U-G-H-T, Y

[Lil' Rob]
I like to sleep all day until the sun goes down
And hit the down, and fuck it up until the sun comes up
Some times I'm drunk, some times I'm high
I'm always wicked, I'm always slick, I'm always sly
Leave alittle bit of room and I'll slide by
And fuck up your program just like a drive by
Ain't funny how time flies, my my
Time for you to say night night, bye bye
Havin naughty dreams of naughty things
Everybody loves every thing that boy that naughty brings
Spit my verses like viruses
Make you sick like my style is
Split your wig like a stylist
I'm makin my list and I'm checkin it twice
Checkin which hynas been naughty or nice
You only live once so you can't do it twice
So make being naughty a part of your life


[Lil' Rob]
I love to hear your body talk
Love your little naughty walk
Love the way you fall
Into your naughty crawl
My eyes open wide
Can't believe what I saw
Fine ass baby doll
Panties and a bra, that's all
Naughty girl, naughty world
Aqui estoy, naughty boy
You can play with me
But naughty boy's not a toy
Mischeiveious, disobedient
So when you're needin it
I want to be the one givin it
Because you're radiant
Thought improper, you're a show stopper
The show must go on, Naughty Boy live in concert
N-A-U-G-H-T-Y b-u-y the ultimate
Consider yourself fortunate
I'm some one who you won't forget
Some one you won't regret
No ones ever told me yet
Claimin your naughty like me
Baby you haven't showed me yet
I can make you soakin wet
Put my lips apon your neck
Feelins why they all me naughty
Tingles all through out your body


[Lil' Rob (Talkin)]
Woof, que perro
Yeah, naughty boy
That's how we put it down


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