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Lil Rob

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FM 113.57 with today's up to date global news
In news today, the infamous rapper Lil' Rob
Presumed to be dead for the past two years
Apparently has only been held down by jealous haters
Lil' Rob releases a statement today stating
"You can't keep a good man down, and I will have the last laugh"

[Lil' Rob]
Aqui estoy, yo no me voy, lingolado
Yo soy un malo, I be the vato that you follow
You're barking up the wrong tree, swing swing like a chango
Beat you like a bango, send you where the wrong go
Al vando lado, but no one like my song go
Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane
No, it's Lil' Rob flying high, stimulating my brain
Assimilate the fame, accumulate my feria
Make sure I stay ahead of ya, look back and I'll laugh at ya
Cuz all you vatos swear you got some kind of steelo
Simon you're pretty bad but you ain't bad like me though
Latino, eyes like a chino from smoking weed though everywhere that we go
They say "Oh man there he go, the vato wearing the shades and the long chivo"
Guess who

You pinche levas got me dying, dying of laughter
You think it's funny, we'll see who's still laughing after
You're not on the same page, not even the same chapter
You shouldn't have been a rapper, you should have been an actor
You pinche levas got me dying, dying of laughter
You think it's funny, we'll see who's still laughing after
You're not on the same page, not even the same chapter
I'm gonna laugh last, I'll have the last laugh

You heard a lot about you huh?
Well was it good shit or bad shit?
I bet you twenty bones that it was some bad shit
But that doesn't even matter though
Cuz any publicity is good publicity, as long as they mention me
I must be doing something right
But they ain't doing nothing right, I'm making sure that I'm busting tight
Now everybody wanna be
Hey holmes you heard Lil' Rob's new jam? He's talking shit about me
Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't flatter yourself
Later on you're gonna look back at yourself, and be all mad at yourself
For acting like a little girl, chavala
Roll the fuck up, you try too much, you need to slow the fuck up
Hold the fuck up, shut the fuck up
Silence is golden like the Daytons that I'm rolling around the town that I'm patrolling
The town I live in is lonely, it's lonely but I still won't cry
It's just me, myself, and I


I walk up on the scene with my white sneakers
My big ass Levis, my big ass t-shirt and look around to see who I see
The same fucking people who can't see me
You can close your eyes, it's getting kind of rough
You can open your eyes, they're still not wide enough
To even catch a sneek peek or Peek A Boo of what the Lil' Rob is all about
When I leave they all follow out
Lil' Rob be the one of a kind
With the one of a kind mind, most of the time I can't find mine
You ask me how I'm doing and I still say that I'm fine
Walking on that fine line, no time on my time line
Who left the door open? Your time just ran out
As for patience, well mine just ran out
And I got nothing left to do but to sit back patiently
To make sure you continue hating me

[Chorus x2]


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