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Sweatshop Union - F.W.U.H
"Let's begin with a drum set" [Intro] Yeah yeah, well alright now Check it out, it goes, well i...

Sweatshop Union - Don't Be Afraid
Mmmm Okay Du dududu do do doooo Ahh here I come, the merchant of dirt And here to convert the ...

Sweatshop Union - Dirty Work
Well I'd like to see the likes of me relax with a wife and seed Time to write and read No fight to...

Sweatshop Union - Cut Back (Since June)
[Chorus] Been away every day Since June On the road doing shows Since June Half drunk every mon...

Sweatshop Union - Comes & Goes
People keep talkin' about me I don't ever hear what they're sayin' You best move on without me Al...

Sweatshop Union - Broken Record
I've been singin this song for too long Just wishing we all would move on Sick and tired of doing ...

Sweatshop Union - Better Days
Do you hear me? Tell me can you feel me? Better days coming For you and for me Do you believe me...

Sweatshop Union - The Thing About It
This is a time of growth for those that know, And it's a time of hope for those that don't, But ...

Sweatshop Union - Ascend
"We are passing into a great change of species And no matter how loudly the old authorities May pr...

Sweatshop Union - Any Reason
Is everybody on the same page? Is it safe to say we're all sick and tired of living this way? Sick...

Sweatshop Union - The Way
It's like the more shit change, the less we notice It's like the more insane, the less we know it ...

Sweatshop Union - Truman Show
Deceit and denial, What you're looking for can't be found, Believe me, child, No bookstore can...

Sweatshop Union - Try
Try Hard as ya' can To understand This runnin' in circles Got me wonderin' I- I- I don't know w...

Sweatshop Union - Us
The whole world's a sweatshop, a fascist regime/ With billions of parts, working as a massive machi...

Sweatshop Union - Up From The Ground
We all chase after things that just hold us down Yeah but we're moving up from the ground We wrote...

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Swollen Members Atmosphere Bliss N Eso


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