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Sweatshop Union

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"We are passing into a great change of species
And no matter how loudly the old authorities
May proclaim that this is not so, it is going to happen
Our moment of time, when population reaches it's limit
And the world as we know it ends, is not about death at all,
It is about ascending into a new kind of life"

They only see to the sky
Our dreams and our lives
Our means to survive
But not between our eyes
We gotta free our minds and re-design them
Seek and find the trees to climb high and
Read the signs between the lines
Defeat the lies discreetly hiding deep inside them
Sheep unite and beat the tyrant
Leave the island but keep smiling (smiling)
'Cause why try to fit in
To this life that has been
Pre-planned to keep man in a cycle of sin
The fight could have been won
But we sit stunned
As we get drunk and forget once we were tricked
And now they can complete their goal
'Cause we're convinced that dung heaps are gold
People sold to keep our souls dug in
Deeper holes than we could know we're stuck in

"Now something is wrong with that... don't you think?"

Life can be a sequence of precluded opportunities
Just like déjà vu that never ends
It seems our position as spirit beings
On this physical journey's to make our moves and then ascend
Life can be a sequence of precluded opportunities
Just like déjà vu that never ends
It seems our position as spirit beings
On this physical journey's to make our moves and then ascend

I know sometimes it seems like it's some kind of dream, right?
Some try to scream and reach the sunshining beams
But the path is paved with choices, and the voices tell you lies
But it's your choice, your life, don't wait for hell to rise
It won't be televised in any case
On any stations anyways
Many wait for many saviors
Many say that any day
The penny's they attempt to save will buy them plenty acres
And the petty labor's every day's work's fruit can then be savored
Believe what you choose to but I refuse to surrender
To the people that rule you and their ruthless agendas
Spent a day away with me
Don't slave this week or play the game
End the pain, I'll make you see
The sacred tree and break the chains
Leave your alleys and streets, walk the valleys and peaks with me
This is all ours if you and I can just leave it be
Freedom is as easy as believing that we're one
Breathing it in deeply and the healing has begun


Until we change our ways
There's no fucking way they'll change their ways
Manipulate our brains with the airwaves
Our kids will face the same shit when they're slaves
What gets me is they claim that it's fair play
But label us insane if we dare say
Anything that unlocks the staircase
So they can keep us locked in a scared state

Yeah, but until I change my ways
There's no fucking way you'll change your ways
So we'll keep celebrating Earth Day
Even though it's clear it's merely wordplay
What gets me is I know that they can cure AIDS
'Cause they control the healthcare and the birthrate
Then indoctrinate us 'til we serve hate
And incarcerate us in this birdcage

"And what frightens me is that... people are simply letting it happen"



You don't need to believe it
Or even agree with it
But give yourself time to make memories then leave it

Innocent Bystanders


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