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Sloan dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Sloan - Whats There To Decide?
Where did you go to? And how did you get there? Hope you come back soon I've left you an empty ro...

Sloan - Waiting For Slow Songs
When you and your cast of friends arrive And the party reaches a new high Don't you think it'll la...

Sloan - Underwhelmed
She was underwhelmed, if that's a word I know it's not, 'cause I looked it up That's one of those ...

Sloan - Two Seater
For what it's worth, you're on my turf And my roots go deep into the earth How deep they go, you'l...

Sloan - The Ns
Free for all so choose your places well But you won't believe all the things we're telling you End...

Sloan - The Marquee And The Moon
Cabaret license I haven't been by since It goes against all that I've learned But it seems that t...

Sloan - The Lines You Amend
Said you'd found a way to end it peacefully I remember finding shoes near the lake under a tree An...

Sloan - The Good In Everyone
First off here's what you do to me You get rough, attack my self esteem It's not much, but it's th...

Sloan - Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy
You've got lots to say don't take this too seriously (There's plenty of believers) We hang on eve...

Sloan - Take The Bench
You played those notes a year ago But nobody ever seems to mind You're so sweet Upon request fr...

Sloan - Take It In
I know it's none of my business what you do But you don't have a clue He's just a friend but he's ...

Sloan - Suppose They Close The Door
Hey you've shed your reputation Now deny your compensation So put the pardon in me It pays to...

Sloan - Sugartune
I wrote for you this sugartune To help you through what you've gotta do When you're on the ground,...

Sloan - Stand By Me, Yeah
You gotta roll with the punches to get to what is real Knock down the bastards and show them how it...

Sloan - She Says What She Means
When in the world I'm gonna get it together I'm telling you girl I'm gonna make it all better ...

Sloan - Shame Shame
Shame, shame Because you couldn't say your girlfriend's name For sure I'll say it next time for...

Sloan - Sensory Deprivation
Don't take it from me But Altered States scared me Should have realized it It's when he tore ap...

Sloan - Seems So Heavy
There's an aircraft somewhere down by the river The thing ran underground and it was completely so...

Sloan - Rasperry
Through the music There's a dancing girl She can be broken In your hands She knows you're look...

Sloan - People Of The Sky
I once knew a pair that used to fit very tight But now a man standing tall in the wake of this nigh...

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Blue Rodeo The Tragically Hip


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