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Jim Jones

Reppin Time dainos žodžiai

Reppin' Time" [Chorus:]
Dipset When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time
Dipest When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time
Dipset When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time
Dipset When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time [Jim Jones:]
I Got Money On My Mind Man (And We Done Talk To New York)
I Hope You Niggaz Hear Me (Eastside)
Its Mr. New York City (Ballin')
You Niggas Want Action
I Got A Movie For You Hop In The Coop Relaxin' (Lay Down)
You See The Roof Colapsin' (Drop The Top)
I Got My Paper Off But Im Still Koofie Smackin'
Hear The Scar Fearin'
Forein Car Steerin' (Speedin')
60 Dodgin' Par Wearin'
Just Be The Trial Hearin' (Lawyers)
You Should Catch Me Walkin Cocky Out The Court Room (Diddy Bop)
Like Eat My Dust A Buck 40 For Da Porsoom
If I Can Population (What Up)
We Coppin' Propstuation (Ballin')
We Gettin' Money Over Here Whats Your Occupation
We On Top Of Things (What)
And We Got Them Things (Them Birds)
But We Only Sellin' Birds We Tryin To Cop With Wings
I Knoe The Real Rich (The Real Rich)
The Real Richard Porter (Yeah)
R.I.P. He Left The Hood To Us We On The Corners (HARLEM)
The Bright Lights Of My Big City
My Ice Bright And The Wrist Silly, Shea (Flossy)
Im Riskin' Fed Time,
Front Page Headline
Let The Pedal Hit The Floor Till The Throttle Red Lines [Chorus] I Let My Pants Sag (Why)
So I Can Show My Ass (Kiss My Ass)
Its 20 Gs A Pocket
Its 'cause We Blowin' Cash
And When The Follows Flash
The Lobbys Gonna Pass
Lights, Cameras, Autographs
Wet Willies Call The Cab
The Fast Life Is Pricey
The Time Piece Is Icey (Blingin')
And My Niggas Movin Fist Skills Its Like A Pisey
My Momma Raised A Thug
Lawyers Want Me Face The Judge
This Is The Chance You Take Try And Put Your Brains On Drugs (What Else)
When We Invade The Clubs Standin' On The Furniture
Throwin' Gang Signs 2 Stepin With Our Burners Tucked (Eastside)
And We Will Burn You Up Like 3 Star Alarm (Thats Right)
We Are The Bomb Hundred G's On The Charm (Okay)
You Think I Own The Cleaners How I Wash That Paper
And We In The Dealer Tryin Cop All Flavors (Ballin')
We At The Dealer Dawg
So How You Feelin' Dawg (Yeah)
Lets Tare Your Seelin' Off
Off The Lot We Peelin' All [Chorus]

The Young And The Restless Live Life Reckless (Harlem)
House Money On The Neckless The Pigs Wanna Molest Us (F**kers)
Cause Im Obsesesed With The Guns And The Vest's (I Love It)
Cause When You Getin' Cake The Candles Come With A Death wish (pray for me)
The rap star livin' the hot cars and women (the lavish life)
may god forgive him, hope the cop cars dont get em
wit bicthes on the prozak at the club throwin stacks
the star wars, they threw two i threw four back
and now im back, its mr. new york city
my hat to the back i stay flyer than a frisbee
we still diddy bopin, we still can get it poppin
and nuthin changed but the year of the range
and the fire still move wit the sweaty
and the gangsta's dont die we get money n move to miami
but when its reppin time, i get on extra grind
40 cal. a extra nine dipset the city's mine


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