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Jim Jones

What You Been Drankin On? dainos žodžiai

(P. Diddy -talkin')
Dip Set Muthaf**kas !!! Jha-Jha (Imma smack a muthaf**ka) Jim Jones, Paul Wall (Imma smack a muthaf**ka) They call me Diddy ....
(Yall muthaf**kas must have lost ya mind) I wish a muthaf**ka would .... (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)... As we proceed to give you what you need .... Jha-Jha - (Diddy's adlibs) {Jha-Jha adlibs}
What You Been Drankin' On?(What You Been Drankin' On?)
What you been sippin' on?...(what you been sippin' on)
What got you bumpin' in the club wit all that gator on?...
What You Been Drankin' On?(What You Been Drankin' On?)
What you been sippin' on?...(what you been sippin' on)
What got you bumpin' in the club wit all that gator on?...(this Dip Set Bitch!!!)
'cause she aint drunk hoe {hoe}, u aint drunk hoe {hoe}, u aint ridin, u aint live , u aint drunk hoe I said... (You better get ya muthaf**kin' mind right) I was up in the club vibin'... sippin' on Sizzurp vibin'...(Jha-Jha)
gettin' a lil close to my man slow whinin' to the jam these girls gonna start wildin'...
they gots to start trippin'...(why)
they gots the crowd listenin'...(uh-huh)
you know the type that wanna fight when they get a lil' light them chicks just need attention...(girl fight lets go)
they playin' Get From Round Me... (pull a bitch hair)
Im sayin' get from round me...(yeah)
they spill that drink on my brand new mink imma split ery bitch thats round me...(smack the shit out you)
buck if you want too...
I'm the type that will give you what you want boo...(yeah)
yall chicks aint stickin me...
I'm with a bunch of Gs...
just waitin to bust the things thru the roof (P. Diddy)
You aint drunk nigga...(you aint drunk nigga)
You aint drunk nigga...(you aint crunk nigga)
Til' that Sizzrup and Henny is in ya cup nigga...(come on man its Bad Boy bitch)
What you been sippin' on?(what you been sippin' on)
What you been hittin' on?(what you been hittin' on)
It be them chicks in bikinis we pour them crisses on...(who the f**k you think you f**kin' wit?) (They call me Diddy)
Let's ride that out...(yeah)
stop that talk outside ya mouth...(uh huh)
I put guys outside ya house...(yeah come on)
we the hottest in the south...(LETS GO)
Bad Boy, Dip Set...(Bad Boy baby, Dip Set HARLEM)
baby girl get ya lips wet...(come on)
maybach like that chauffeur...
money aint too far from Oprah...(come on man)
you shouldve seen what I pay my chauffeur...
Its enough to buy you a rolster...(thats right YEAH)
this toaster in this holster...(yeah)
take you on a roller coaster...(uh huh)
you aint poppin' like Diddy baby...(yea uh huh)
I'm rockin' wit Diddy baby...(yea uh huh)
the drops is terrific kid...(yea uh huh yea)
the watches cost 80 mutherf**ker (Jim Jones)
What you been sippin' on?...(Sizzurp)
who you been smokin' wit?...(that haze)
who got you actin' all silly doin' stupid shit?...(you brave)
cause you aint drunk nigga...(you faggot)
you lil f**k nigga...(you punk)
you aint bad, yous a fag, you aint tough nigga...
I said What You Been Drankin' On? Yall know the deal...(yeah)
long john shirt dont show the steel...(in the club)
ski mask when we goin' to kill...(watch em')
we blastin' and you know that we real...(BOOM!!!)
wheel mash in this Oldsmobile...(uh huh)
ride on ya block slow as hell...(there they go)
look for you f**ks unload the shells...(I see you)
a nigga get caught then please post bail...(SQUALAY)
peace out to the homies in jail...(southside)
no how it be that lonely ass cell...
when the turf we cook that sale...
you cookin' it up then goin' to hell...
wit a bitch wit a purse she holdin' the scale...
God I'm “Soul For Real” (uh huh) move the “Candy Rain”…(wooooo!!!)
to get that candy paint…
move that pretty Range Rover wheels (Paul Wall)
What you been sippin' on?...(Sizzurp)
whats in that white cup?... (purple punch)
its that's mentfazine codeinein' not purpule tub…(PAUL WALL TELL EM')
cause you aint leanin' bitch…(bitch)
you aint codenin' bitch…(bitch)
that cup aint mighty you aint high, you aint sleepy bitch…
I said What You Been Drankin' On? Pop the seal, pour the deuce…
mix wit Sprite maybe juice…
prepare to lean off that codeine…
prescription cough syrup gets me loose…
white cup that's fill off that oil…
Texas tea we call it “drank” sittin' sidewayz on them fours…
slab drippin' wet candy paint…
Who's the man? Whos the G?...
Houston, Texas and 7-1-3…
I'm on the block that we call Southlee…(5-9)
sippin' oil wit the thugs and Gs…(FIVE NINE)
Paul Wall what you know bout me?...(PAUL WALL)
I'm on the grind I'm stayin' links…(DIP SET)
when I mix that sprite wit that syrup, I'll show you how to make a sprit remix (P. Diddy)
DIP SET MUTHAF**KAS !!!!!! MUTHAF**KAS !!!!!! F**KAS !!!! Dip Set (DIP SET)
Bad Boy (BAD BOY)
Jim Jones (JIM JONES)
Jha-Jha (JHA-JHA)
Paul Wall (PAUL WALL)
They call me Diddy !!! (THEY CALL ME DIDDY!!!)
Hoes stand up !!! (HOES STAND UP!!!)
Dirty South stand up !!! ( DIRTY SOUTH STAND UP!!!)
Midwest stand up !!! (STAND UP!!!)
West Coast stand up !!! (WEST COAST STAND UP!!!)
YEAH !!!!!


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