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Phantom Planet - One Ray Of Sunlight
One Ray of Sunlight Goodness sometimes things get bad But I swear I'm doing all I can So try all ...

Phantom Planet - Nobody´s Fault
Everything is ok everything is fine I give you everything you ask for don't be so unkind Well ever...

Phantom Planet - Lonely Day
I could tell from the minute I woke up it was going to be a lonely lonely Lonely lonely day. Rise ...

Phantom Planet - In Our Darkest Hour
Oh yeah it started today in a cloud if I was the sun I would shout I've got so much shining left be...

Phantom Planet - Hey Now Girl
Well let me tell you I have seen a monster age of seventeen Who'll let you in to kick you out and k...

Phantom Planet - See You Next Summer
And if you turn your back And we don't talk about it Is there anything you'd like to say? Cos thi...

Phantom Planet - Rise The Setting Star
1, 2 1, 2, 3 Watching a setting star I lost myself in orbit And a comet flew by as I went under...

Phantom Planet - Rest Easy
It's all clear, no need for you to fear Nothing's under the bed tonight It's all right, no need fo...

Phantom Planet - Recently Distressed
Dear Recently Distressed, I am sorry to inform you That I lost your kid's address You see my wing...

Phantom Planet - Powered By Scotch
Drink Until you forget Taste the fate of the rest Won't you have one more glass Powered by scotc...

Phantom Planet - Please Apply Yourself To Me Sweetly
I am looking for an early warning Listen to me please Will you wake me up in the morning? I am on...

Phantom Planet - Nobodys Fault
Everything is ok everything is fine I give you everything you ask for don't be so unkind Well ever...

Phantom Planet - Nightmare
There's a nightmare in my closet, never went away And all the times I watched it slowly, growing up...

Phantom Planet - Losing My Mind
Yesterday, when I woke up I found myself in disrepair I went to find myself was there I ran out ...

Phantom Planet - Lonely Day (Dt Übersetzung)
Sinngemäße Übersetzung: Ich weiß seit der Minute, in der ich aufgestanden bin, dass es ein sehr e...

Phantom Planet - Local Black And Red
Sitting in your room Drinking your purfume Wondering which day of the week I'll die on Now, i'm ...

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Dashboard Confessional Jimmy Eat World Snow Patrol


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