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Goldfinger - You Think Its A Joke
You think it's a joke I find no reason why I should laugh at you You think it's a joke to take adv...

Goldfinger - White Christmas
I'm dreaming of a white christmas Just like the ones I used to know Where the people glisten and chi...

Goldfinger - Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky The only man I'd have sex with. Wayne Gretzky I'd be intimate with Wayne Gretzky ...

Goldfinger - Walkin In The Dark
There's people who get away with what you're trying to do But I see we might not have your luck Ther...

Goldfinger - Up The Junction
I never thought it could happen With me and the girl from clapham Out on a windy common That night I...

Goldfinger - Time
There's no time for all of us to keep it going There's no time at all There's no time you can't st...

Goldfinger - The Upper Hand
Since you've been fifteen you were confused, at that age it's so hard to just be you you've got yo...

Goldfinger - The Innocent
The start of Armageddon It was just another day We all the heard the news Nothing to say So many...

Goldfinger - The End Of The Day
Chorus: At the end of the day, I do just what I want At the end of the day, I play just when I wan...

Goldfinger - Ted Nugent
F**k ted nugent he's a f**king jerk I wish that he'd be gone Chauvanistic republican Kills animals c...

Goldfinger - Sue
what can we do about you, sue i'd do anything for you can't you see that you're better than them...

Goldfinger - Stay
Well if I'm sorry Does that mean I have to change 'Cos change does scare me I'd like to know how ...

Goldfinger - Someone Else
Sit here alone I wonder what's the use I'm so bored I'm just killing time Can you explain to me I ju...

Goldfinger - San Simeon
Wherever I go, wherever I stay My mind will always be Wherever I go, wherever I stay My mind will...

Goldfinger - Superman
So here I am Doing everything I can Holding on to what I am Pretending I'm a superman I'm trying...

Goldfinger - Smp
There's something bout the Cold wind blowing across your face It's not the kill It's the thrill o...

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