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Young Buck

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(young buck)
young buck,cmon,gunit,(hey yo buck light that shit up my niggas) the south is in this mothafuka right now,cashville niga what this is is the countdown to armageddon(u no it) u now rockin wit da evil genius green lantern,LETS GO NIGGA

(young buck)

i got my hood like vietnam on some real shit(yea) aint a damn thing country bout cashville bitch (na) still on the block still got the bricks you know just cause im rappin dont mean i aint in the kitchn no mo' see im addicted to hundred dollar bills and coupe deviles the badd ass bitchz that live in they own cribs i walk the streets knowin that i got beef but see even my enemys know that i got heat you aint see nuttin like this im 1 of a kind i can teach u how to stunt all it takes is time we gon find out if some of these rappas is really actors and use they concert venues for target practice f**k bustin these guns with these new york niggas this real so if u real than you gon feel us this winter its only right i do the grey chinchilla see i make the money it dont make me nigga YEA


your hood aint no harder than myne so yall get it poppin so nigga do yo thang(nigga do ya thang) i dont like u and u dont like me so it aint eva gon change i suggest u quit all that talkin fore' this 9mm go bang(mm go bang) see we no where u be and we no where u stay i dont think u wanna play u dont want war wit....


(X to the Z) west coast shit see a nigga spittin nigga talkin but dont no shit plottin on hatin on nigas on some whole shit i stay stackin 5.5 plus some mo shit clack clack the backstreets of southern california better stay ready cause steady gang will run up on ya im the west coast william wallace been in the game so im pollace one of the few artists who got an artist no muthafukas want no flows from us they wont strap nuttin for bullet holes through they clothes from us i attack em and send em home to jehovah plus u might see me in a body bag but never in cuffs yea young black and wealthy now livin it up but dont think for a second i wont drop this cut pop the thang out the stash light yo bitch ass up or we could take it to the concrete rumble and thump muthafuka


your hood aint no harder than myne (young buck) so we all get it poppin so nigga do yo thang (nigga do ya thang) i dont like u (na,na,yea) and you dont like me so it aint never gon chang(put a bullet in yo frame) i suggest u quit all that talkin fore this 9mm go bang (mm go bang) we no where u be and we no where u stay i dont think u wanna play nuh huh


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