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Warren Zevon dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Warren Zevon - Searching For A Heart
Darkness in the morning Shadows on the land Certain individuals Aren't sticking with the plan ...

Warren Zevon - Run Straight Down
(4-Aminobiphenyl, hexachlorobenzene Dimethyl sulfate, chloromethyl methylether 2, 3, 7, 8-Tetrachl...

Warren Zevon - Rottweiler Blues
Got a Glock in the bedside table Machine gun leaning by the bedroom door Kevlar vest in the closet...

Warren Zevon - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
Roland was a warrior From the land of the midnight sun With a Thompson Gun for hire Fighting to b...

Warren Zevon - Renegade
Some prayers never reach the sky Some wounds never heal They still say someday the South will rise...

Warren Zevon - Reconsider Me
If you're all alone And you need someone Call me up And I'll come running Reconsider me Reconsi...

Warren Zevon - Quite Ugly One Morning
Don't the sky look funny Don't it look kinda chewed-on like Don't you feel like running Don't you...

Warren Zevon - Poisonous Lookalike
I was getting used to you You went and changed your tune Now you've got me so confused I can't te...

Warren Zevon - Play It All Night Long
Grandpa pissed his pants again He don't give a damn Brother Billy has both guns drawn He ain't be...

Warren Zevon - Piano Fighter
Mom and Papa bought a Chickering Every day I'd sit and play that thing I practiced hard; it was mo...

Warren Zevon - Nobodys In Love This Year
We keep walking away for no reason at all And no one says a word We were always so busy protecting...

Warren Zevon - Nighttime In The Switching Yard
Nighttime in the switching yard Get it out on the mainline Listen to the rhythm of the train go by...

Warren Zevon - Networking
There's a way to live that's right for us Like Mayans in Manhattan and Los Angeles I'm scaling up,...

Warren Zevon - My Shits Fucked Up
When I went to the doctor I said I'm feeling kinda rough. - Let me break it to you son, Your shit...

Warren Zevon - Mutineer
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Hoist the mainsail - here I come Ain't no room on board for the insin...

Warren Zevon - Mr Bad Example
I started as an altar boy working at the church Learning all my holy moves doing some research Whi...

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Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Gordon Lightfoot Van Morrison


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