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Linkin Park

Tupac And Biggie Tribute dainos žodžiai

2pac:I guess god didnt find no replacement for 2pac yet. As soon as god find a replacement for 2pac im gone but.. until he do ill be here doing what he want me to do.
Biggie: Pac is a strong dude yo i know dude. ya know what im saying? he real strong. so when they were like he got shot i was like again? ya know what im saying hes always getting shot or shot at. he gonna pull through this one again make a few records about it and its gonna be over ya know what im saying? but when he died i was just like wow..ya know what im saying? it kinda took me by... man even though we were going through our drama i would never wish death on nobody...ya know what im saying 'cause they be coming back.
Unknown Person: This is Dale Hube
For University Medical Center. This message is being recoreded at appoximently 5:15 on Firday September 13th. Tupac Shakur passed away today at the University Medical Center at appoximently 4:03 PM. Pshyicans have listed the cause of death as respitory failuare and CardioPulmanary Arrest. Mr. Shakur's Body has been removed from the hospital and funieral arrangments are pending.
Linkin Park Lead Singer: Yo
September 13
1996 Tupac in the mist of some Suge Knight bullshit nobody saw it coming nobody knew what hit its been almost seven years since you been gone we all miss you dawg thats why I wrote this song from me against the world to all eyes on me you was a real muthaf**ka yah u made me see uh uh yah you made me see
(chorus)4x I said nobody saw it coming
nobody even knows why
somebody please tell me why you had to die
Yo Verse 2 (2x) March 9
1997 L.A. California another 1-8-7 you were ready to die just like your album said so many playa haters that want to see you dead you took the
game of brooklyn and gave it to the whole world your whole life revolved
around rap and you lil' girl i cant believe these rappers try to bite yo
style even Em and 50 in 8 mile Biggie Small you was the man you was the myth you was the legend i wonder if you and pac made peace in heaven(chorus)4x this song is dedicated to Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls
yo yo (chorus)4x


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