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Busta Rhymes

Trains, Planes, And Automobiles dainos žodžiai

[dinco d]
It was a nice sunny day until the heat we fell victim
Sex on our minds while I was in her system
Girls with them beatiful, fellas the same
A freak said hi and we all yelled train!
So we continue on our mission to get some poonanie!
The girl we just met is not worth the money!
She's just hot and ready to serve
Three cool swell brothers who had the nerve
To approach her, throat her, along with the action
She said it's cool making love in this fashion Trains, planes, and automobiles
It's all in the same it's how the wheels turn (repeat 2x) [charlie brown]
Engine number one! (yes engine number two? )
Yo tell me what's the problem! (don't you think you can solve them? )
Of course I can (I know you can) we know you can!
So I prepare to make a dance to prove that I'm the man
At first she said i'm not with the amtrak
Gently I convinced her to lay upon her back
All aboard! the brothers coming in, I heard the jigga jigga
So let the fun begin
She got to ride the shotgun dropping off next stop!
On and on, but it still ain't enough
I guess it's left up to engine number three
(to get what? ) what? to get aboard those Trains, planes, and automobiles
It's all in the same it's how the wheels turn (repeat 2x) [busta rhymes]
Got on the train and rode the express (yeah rode the express)
? ? ? in the clit of pure bliss
Slim trim, that's what I want to get hitting (some trim)
And knock the boots off of the slim thing, where did you get in?
>from the jeep counter and that was it
She felt against my skin, so once I was ready to begin
To blow up the engine (engine)
A let my best friends ride on the train
(the train!) the train (the train!)
The ch-ch-ch-ch-ch train! c'mon, c'mon [interlude from grandmaster flash's superrappin']
Huh! take the train, take the train, take the train!
Huh! take the train, take the train, take the train!
It was a party night and every was breaking
The eyes was screaming and the bass was shaking
And it won't be long til everybody knows
That (milo's) on the beatbox, knowing that (milo's) on the beatbox!
Knowing that (milo's) on the beatbox. gooooooooing...
And, and, and, and, sha-nah-nah! Get 'em up, move 'em in, get 'em out, move 'em out!
Trains, plane, and automobiles
Get 'em up, move 'em in, get 'em out, move 'em out!
Trains, plane, and automobiles [dinco d]
As I return on my return trip
I had to roll and make this girl flip
So I said, fellas? (yeah? )
Should I do it like this? (no!) like that? (no!)
Then why is she yelling go dinco go!
Sweating the pain off, letting it drain off
Feeling relaxed as my thing went soft
Never the measure, this is the pleasure
Are you gonna ride again? [charlie brown]
Yo, never!
Never I'll take your advice
But let me get off my rock, homeslice
Time was just not on my side
Hour after hour it was a long ride
Thinking how I got in so deep
My lolipop shop just would not sleep
Rocking the body in and out like a party
Screaming and creaming, come on charlie!
Cause (charlie says!) I love to rock the body
(charlie says!) it really rings a bell
(charlie says!) I love to rock the house now
Yo busta rhymes throw down! [busta rhymes]
The train was worth the long trip
I threw the rough rider with the broad hip
Plugged it in and broke the backbone
Like sea to the salt, yo, players grow
Just by adding a little bit of fluid
Busta rode endless to the cut is chewing
Riding and riding, slipping and sliding
The bulletproof board is a ? ? ? combining
In the calm invasion of me and you
One plus one, it equals two
After I did what I had to do
Then subtracted me and I jetted on you, honey
You, yeah you, baby


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