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{Eminem} boom boom cha
boom boom cha
boom boom cha
boom boom cha
boom boom cha
boom boom cha
boom boom cha
we should do somethin like dat yea {background}
yea thats whats up
..shady {Eminem}
Theres never been this much of a menace
in this game is this
and its the most sinister duo in the business once again its the most illest and realist killers and the most villainous
Dre protégé- shady apprentice
drop them zeros and get wit these heroes.
Do you want losers or winners?
This music is in us.
And its not over till we say its finished
Them G-Unit spinners that keep spinning
this is hip~hop when its in its
truest form the greatest haters all love us.
Make Vu~Du dolls of is and keep stickin them pins in us.
Thick as this skin is
or shorts as this wick is
the trick is to be able to walk as big as this dick is.
And as sick as this music is
or was
still is
what ever
For ever He well be the illest.
Ta ever shizzock the world what ta do next.
He's already reconciled
and he has a chainsaw and an ax
ta jump up on her desk
strangling the neck
while we had sex
while Bill Clinton plays the sax
I sprays the Facts
Bring Shady on back.
The maniac of rap
devil baby on crack.
Resurrect? i never left baby I'm bad
i've gone mad
My comrade Dre-zy auto-mad
Like he says, I'm too broke.
Ta fix way beyond that.
I may be off drugs but its made me off track
In fact this rite here very well could be the last rap i ever do spit
i never do shit thats that.
F**k it i quit suck on a dick
I'm done with this (wack) ass rap
Kiss my black ass. ..50 CENT! {50 cent}
Naw Em tell em ta kiss my black ass
To Gleen park
The Shitty parts
my bullet wounds
my beauty marks
The fif will tear ya ass apart.
I came in this game
Crushin mothaf**kas from the start.
Shady Paid me
Shady Crazy
50 crazy rich BITCH.
Different day
nothin change
its the same shit trick
teflon wrapped on
in case i get clapped on
D searchin the wip
glad i left the mac home
still grinding
Shell shining.
Nigga lord knows!!
You Rockin wit the kid u spit
sick-a-sick flows.
I carried Game's style for nine months and gave birth to it,
Now I’m feeling like a proud father watching him do it,
A day Dre day
Found a course of melee
Turn a town up side down
With a frown up side down.
I smile do summin fowl
And watch my money pile
I'm f**king wit straight stacks
I'm kick you straight facts
I hit you wit it back and pump it bring me mines rite back
boom boom cha
boom ba boom cha
boom boom cha
go head f**ky f**k up boom boom cha
boom ba boom cha
boom boom cha
yea thats what up
now boom boom cha
boom ba boom cha
boom boom cha
Ill hit yo ass up boom boom cha
boom ba boom cha
boom boom cha
yea thats whats up
YEA!! {Eminem} boom boom cha
boom ba boom cha
boom boom cha


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