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Tha Hood (Its All Good) dainos žodžiai

Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ain't nuthin shakin, I'm the same old nigga
Still sit back in these and hang with and dope dealers
Break the crew off, ride in new cars
Get information from hoez about the new wars
Hangin in the middle of a battlefield, dog
Boys playin it hot, but I gotta chill y'all
And all them little kidz done got a dollar apiece
And some knowledge ain't gon help em, keep em outa the streetz

[Baby (Big Tymers)]
It's all good, Lil one, won't u give me them {rifle cocks}
I'ma break em all down for me and my peepz
Half round, 28 ounces give me two g's
Uptown, Hot Boyz, tryin to stack me some cheese
And I'ma hit my hood, and let it be known
When I holla at them niggaz they better be gone
And I'm a frontin lil ward and I want mine
And I'ma break em off propa and I need mine
I got my money straight nigga, so don't lie
You better respect this game, so niggaz lie
28? 36? Nigga 45
100 g's two {rifle cocks} and they all mine

{Chorus}x 4
I bounce thru the Hood
My niggaz they give me love
Boy, what's happenin nigga?
Dog It's all good

But when the hood, f**k wit niggaz I came up wit
Entered the game wit, snorted and caught a train wit
The same niggaz I hsutled and felt pain wit
I'm the B.G. off the block, do the same old shit
Just cause I got big hits I still remain a street nigga
Still pile up in my benz and when I'm 4 deep nigga
Change cause I got bank?
I don't think I could, wit me for life it'll be all good in tha hood

[Young Turk]
It's all good where I stay, niggaz hustle all day
They don't play, you f**k wit em
Won't neva take {click} put a end to yo day
When I bust on yo face and where ever you're caught slippin
That's where you're gonna lay
Nigga think it's a game?
Will they, lose yo brain ?
If you got a loud mouth, better watch what you say on it
Got some thangz for them, they slangin em nigga
All that guerilla, hang drain and they bangin it nigga

{Chorus}x 4
I bounce thru the Hood
My niggaz they give me love
Boy, what's happenin nigga?
Dog It's all good

[Manny Fresh]
You wanna second linee!
Buy yo bitch Armani?
If you ain't got a million dollars, nigga stand behind me
It's all good ha
'cause a nigga ride a benz
It's all good ha
'cause now we got some N's(money)
It's all good Ha
Cause a nigga sleepin right
It's all good huh
'cause my kids eatin right
Now hoooold up, wait a minute
Or go to my nigga put some sould up in it

[Lil' Wayne]
I'm from the south where they be hustelin
Niggaz drug smugglin
Big guns comin in
Police steady runnin in
We gon keep on thuggin, baby, smokin, ridin, drinking slangin
Gte a lick and get that thang, grab yo manz and get that thang
Time for the dro, we bring them catz south
Niggaz clutchin they nuts they druged the f**k out
And niggaz like, let it off in the hood
2 drinks for twenty, nigga don't that sound good

Chorus: repeat 4X

I bounce thru the Hood
My niggaz they give me love
Boy, what's happenin nigga?
Dog It's all good


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