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Street Symphony (Cyptron Zone Iii Remix) dainos žodžiai

[Big Gipp]
Hey, enough
I know you're not gonna be all lame and choose
My house in Atlanta is what made you, you
You ain't never had nothin' till I paid the dues
My word is gold, I lay the rules
Why you trippin' on a brother about the things he do
Look, work can never matter how I got the loot
But you never hesitate when you drive the coupe
I made you ball, ain't that truth [Monica]
I never asked for that much
If you stay, I laid here at night
Down at the gentleman's club
Seems like you can't get right
I knew when I saw the g's
You would be harder to please
You wanted more than enough
That's when it got too beat up 1 - [Monica]
Last time I was down for you
I though you really wanted to
Don't know how much pain it took
To put up that cash up on your boots
See I'm sick and tired boy
You can't even drive the cars
Sometimes I don't know what to do
What am I worth to you babe? [Majic]
Yeah, yeah
See I'm in the Accolade
Coming through ride alone with flakes
The street's my home, up in the zone
Search a nigga's car tryin' to get my bone
Get my name, wear that thang
I don't know but I'm searching man
Lookin' for that sweet lick
No time for no cheap chick
I'm working 2 - [Monica]
You must believe
I gotta get you out of the streets
I disagree when you tell me that you're doing it for me
Just lean on me
I know you're in a little to deep
I gotta do what I gotta do to get you back here with me [Monica]
I like the cash and all that
But I just can't watch my back
And if they catch me with you
Who knows what they wouldn't do?
You've spent too long in this game
My baby you gotta change
Before I lose you for life
I want to be your wife Repeat 1 [JT Money]
See babygirl I gotta hustle
See I'm used to getting mine off the muscle
Everything that I do, I did for us two
Getting' mine on the grind is a must too
Plus you want all them finer things
I bought a compact, clothes, a diamond ring
Everything's on paper, they keep me on the caper
If it ain't about bread then I'mma holla at you later, baby Repeat 2 (2x) [Monica] (JT Money)
Out of the streets, streets, streets, streets, streets
(What? Yeah it's on three, it's on four, it's on five)
Out of the streets, streets, streets, streets, streets
(Yeah Southwest, uh, uh, uh)
Out of the streets, streets, streets, streets, streets
(I ain't never gonna stop)
Out of the streets, streets, streets, streets, streets
(Y'all know what it is) Repeat 2 till end


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