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Linkin Park

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Watch as the room rocks Mentally moonwalk Mixed media slang Banging in your boom box verbal violence Lyrical stylistIn a time when rock hip hop rhymes are childishYou can't tempt me with rhymes that are emptyRapping to a beat doesn't make you an emceeWith your lack of skill and facility You're killing meAnd a DJ in the group just for credibilityI heard that some of you are getting help with your rhymesYou're not an emcee if someone else writes your linesAnd rapping over rock doesn't make you a pioneerCause rock and hip hop have collaborated for yearsBut now they're getting randomly mixed and matched upAll after a fast buck and all the tracks suckSo how does it stack up? None of it's realYou want to be an emcee you've got to study the skill Who can rock a rhyme like this?Bring it to you every time like this? (2x)Step
step up
step upSo you pick up a pen and write yourself a new identityBut mentally you don't have the hip hop energyWith a tendency to make up storiesSounding like the only hip hop you've heard is top 40And your record company is completely missing itAll the kids are dissing it for not being legitimateSo in a battle you can't hack itReact with whack shitAnd get smacked with verbal back flipsGet your ass kicked by fabulous battle catalystsIt's taken decades for emcees to establish thisYou're new to hip hop and welcome if your seriousBut not on the micLeave that to the experienced (Using the waves of sound the true master paralyzes his opponents
leaving him vulnerable to attack) Chorus (2x) (After years of pain staking research by the world's leading sound scientists
we here at the sound institute have invented a reliable audio weapons system. Actual movement of musical sound in space used to carefully attack and neutralize the cellular structure of the human body
and the question must be asked.) Chorus (2x)


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