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So Gone( The Chicago Remix) dainos žodžiai

So gone over you,you,you,you,you.
Yeah,New Monica)

Silly of me,Devoted so much time,
To find true faithful boy,I nearly lost my mind,
Drive pass your house evernight,
In (an) unmarked car,
Wonderin' what she had on me
to make you break my heart?


You make me feel..
You make me feel I'm so gone
(SO)Oh I

You make me feel..
(You make me feel)
Whoa and I love to love ya baby!
(I) So(Oohh Hoo)V-2
Night I couldn't sleep,
(Um),You let the sun beat chu' home
I ask myself over again,What I'm I doin'
wrong,To make you stay out all night and,
not think to call,
What does she have over me to make you not think to call home?,

You make me feel..
You make me feel that I'm so gone

You make me feel.. ( uh )
(Yea it's ya boy TJ Mr.Windy City)(You make me feel)
Whoa and I love to love ya baby!(Remix) TJ
I want the Baddest Chick on the planet
Since Jay got Beyonce and Jermaine got Janet
I was heartbroken really couldn't understand it
When I found out that shorty from City High was pregnant
I wanted Megan Good but now she in the hood with 50
And the chick that won't fail me now is probably Missy
I need a girl whos lower body is thick like Mary
With a chest and a face percet like Halle Berry
I stand about six three I should go get with Kelly
Cause I done seen the video and she too tall for Nelly
And all this love got me looking all around in every part these days
I gotta 106 ways to keep Free from AJ
And this chick in place you know she got to stay strong
Because every girl in the club tryna take me home
When it comes to the bedroom they know I last long
Just asj Monica one stoke and shorty was Gone
And now she saying
MonicaOoh and I love to love ya baby
(what's that shorty)
Ooh ans I love to love ya baby
OOOOOOh ooh oooooooh!


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