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[Akon] Shady
Upfront... [Chorus: Akon]I feel you creepin I can see it from my shadowWanna jump up in my Lamborghini GallardoMaybe go to my place and just kick it like Tae-BoAnd possibly bend ya overLook back and watch me smack that
all on the floorSmack that
give me some moreSmack that
'til you get soreSmack that
oh-ohhh-oh-ohhSmack that
all on the floorSmack that
give me some moreSmack that
'til you get soreSmack that
oh-ohhh-oh-ohh [Akon]Shorty if you wanna ride you can ride on meWe can bump heads and collide on meWant beef
damn right can rely on meTo bring that Campbell like NaomiJust pull that girl and take it on easyLookin all oiled up and all greasyBout that time you stop that teasinWay that you drop done got me here cheesinWhat's funny is that you takinall my money for realI rather spend it on youRight now than my homie's bailAnd I can see that's what you're made fo'And ain't ever been no lame hoWith that booty bought and paid fo'Won't move to you on my payroll! [Chorus] [Stat Quo]Yeah
Stat Quo! Ahhh!I love when you do it girl move to it like you're used to itDrop it down I wanna put my thang through itTo the crib we go
go fast and slowMake it twirl like a stripper slide down my poleShawty ass so swole got your boy like whoaOne night with me now she wanna marry Stat QuoBut I'm like no
let's keep it on the lowOn occasion let me come through and tap that holeMake you lose control and all her girls knowthat I hit it right at night
I'm a proI only come 'round and get sexualif she flexible and bisexualI might stay around for a longer timeOnly if
only if she can blow my mindI can hurt that
murk that
work that spineNow she in love and wants to be mineStat Quo
YEA! [Chorus] [Bobby Creekwater]Yeah
it's Bobby Creek
know'msayin?The ice in the watch reflects the light to herThe money quite green and the ice light bluerThe swag might kill her so I say good night to herShe don't want me to leave I can see right through herSo we
dipped out
burn one trip outGet low like Caribbean limboDidn't go out like light
baby girl get rightHead so swole my hat don't fit rightWe can cruise in the car or we could take flightThe middle of the night
make your body (8) like(Mike Vick) against the EaglesCall myself a king cause I'm regalTo be this hot is not legalBut we don't care
listen baby it's a fact thatif you drop back I'm a quarterback sack thatWe can go deep and I can shark attack thatSay you don't remember where your keys and your hat at? [Chorus - repeat 2X]


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