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Pretty Ricky

Shouldve Been A Model dainos žodžiai

pretty rick rick rick rick
bluestar entertainment
i shouldve been a model cause i stay fresh [chorus]
my flow[on point]
my dro[on point]
basically[im hot]
homeboy u not
damn, i shouldve been a model how i stay fresh
yeah, i shouldve been a model how i stay fresh
chicks love how the kid stay clean
on the set im posin like im on a magazine
damn i shouldve been a model how i stay fresh
yeah i shouldve been a model how i stay fresh [Pleasure P]
this ya boi pleasure
uh, check it
pants-dolchie they be like oh he fresh
flow on point like a needle
so much ice im blindin myself i cant see u
cocky, im ballin to hard u cant stop me
blustar the team im playin for watch me, pop bottles
man i shouldve been a model but i got models who love to swallow
and they love to follow me everywhere that i go
autamatically kno to throw they underwere on the flo
its goin down homie
haters steady hatin waitin on a playa down fall
but i keep it pimpin get the money stay from round yall
Pleasure P[keep that]
cheedar cheese[keep that]
game from a mile away theres nothin u can tell me
rollin in a bently pocket full of benjis
hotter than the mountain air
cooler than the winter breeze [Chorus] [Spectacular]
spectac pretty boi come and snatch ya chick
flip out hundred dollar bills like a sidekick
i keep niggaz quiet callem mr. bean
got custom made jordans like i play for the team
swagga like a model
yeah im doin my thing
stay poppin out mo bottles than a vendin machine
shirt off, six pack like sprite,
obey ya thirst nd take me home tonite
i gotem lined up further than a string on a kite
call my grill southpole cuz its stacked wit ice
referee on the scene breakin up girlfights
they fightin over me
it must be nice [Chorus] [Baby Blue]
im like a jet but bigga
spoiled rich but bigga
all the girls love me cuz my ahhhhh
is bigga
my rims bigga
my cars bigga
i play cricket on my lawn cuz my yard is bigga
u can call me spongebob cuz i stay so clean
stay wetin at these haters all i gotta do is squeeze
damn these haters hatin on me cuz i saty fresh
yeah i love they girls smellin like some latex
im babyblue whoa
keep my car load
of them nyphos
have a pose like center folds
head shots headshots gimmie some more
see baby ima popstar party like a rockstar
always wit a superstar
tryna get a top of
now u can call me a pretty boi
but the ladies call me big boi
u kno wat thats for! [Chorus] [Slick'Em]
come on
ah yeah yeah i now my jeans sag low but its hard to hold em up wit my pockets full of do'
now wat i mean is damn im paid
when i pull a wad out its like a handgrinade[kaboom]
when i dress man i go all out
even do the white boy
abrocombri it out
lookin gq wit a suit and a tie
no matter where im at i represent that 305
a wild nigga wit diamond, golds
always chillin wit them goons on them 24s
nd underphased man we ready to go
but i perfer layin low wit the baddect hoes
face clean where ever i go
walk away from south beach rolex wit cocos
now i can show u how to bag these models
the catch is i gotta send my swagg in a bottle yeeeeeeeeeeeee
cut! now thats a rap


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