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Swollen Members

Shatterproof dainos žodžiai

[Chorus: Prevail]

Shatterproof, who woulda thought that the edge of the earth
Is underneath you feet right where you stand
I can see land from the crow's nest 50 degrees west
Fire the cannons my man, shatterproof

I mix the world thickest plot rest assured your under seige
Im kinda outta touch in which case, your way outta your league
I cover four corners of the earth
Through the tropics of the globe
Concentrate seven seas my dark room keeps me exposed
I'm marching like a saint
I'm the shape the can of paint that night
Bear your ink the shape I write
Blare you seek the shade
I trace the tracks of hand maidens with the aid of land brigades
Cuts like crow's blade I raid like green arrows quip
But don't be poised near the power if you can't stand and deliver
I'm shatter proof

[Chorus 2X]

The violent victor eleven on the ricter
Boa constrictor poetic pain inflictor
Metal detectors cause loss of memory
Procrastenator slow rising escalator
Full force with the strength of ivory tusks
My eardrums ache to hear a symphony of sympathy
Never cop a plea pass the buck i'd rather duck
And miss the bullet silver screens
Northbound towards innocence
Can't reason with karma
Reflection deflector
Ashamed to look at myself
Responsibility neglected
Discover new worlds that excavate landscape
Perfection gets raped one chance there's no escape
Perfection gets raped one chance there's no escape
Perfection got raped there's no escape


We are the make all end all who bending all your sins
So say we are
We're dealing with emcee and PR
You thought the troopers were real but they were made from VR
See it's not water soluable or easily solvable
Highly audible, unlikely applaudable
This is the last version first urgent message sent by earth methods
I buy my prescriptions from a drugstore cowboy for my ailment
The enthrallment of impalement
Drives your body to the pavement
Unfortunatly it takes an emcee like me
And all the concrete in the world to pave the road to avonlea
Ironicly i'm purely potently bred bionicly use my forces psionicly
To shape and mold
It's hard to hit my castle when you're rolling with mccormick
I'm shatterproof

Sacred spiritual sceptor interceptor
Slept in my sector militant debt collector
Lenient lieutenant past the boiling point
Shamefully he wept and crept carefully
Backing himself into an awkward position
Mission complete
Beaten to a pulp you cry why didn't I pay
This valient viking striking passionately
Irresponsible vagrant fragrance flips the foul
Feel the grizzlies growl
The nightstalker and black panther on the prowl
Watch tower wide eyed owl on patrol
Roll the dice I bet your life you'll be buried alive
Roll the dice I bet your life you'll be buried alive
Roll the dice don't think twice
Life's a gamble



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