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Sammy Hagar - Ive Done Everything For You
HEY! Well this one way love-affair, it ain't fair It ain't no kind of fair to me It's all give an...

Sammy Hagar - Ill Fall In Love Again
You do what you want to do I'll leave it all up to you In time, I'll fall in love again A hot lov...

Sammy Hagar - I Wouldnt Change A Thing
You trust in me, I trust in you. And the world of changes, baby, we've been through. And the good ...

Sammy Hagar - I Dont Need Love
Her look is evil satisfaction. She likes to see me on my knees. Yea, but just to touch the main at...

Sammy Hagar - I Cant Drive 55
One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey! Well, there's too much traffic, I can't pass, no! S...

Sammy Hagar - Hungry
Girl, you got this need to know what I'm all about You say there's something that you dig, but can'...

Sammy Hagar - High Hopes
Another dream, goes up in smoke HUH! And so, fire me up, another toke Yeah, I'm commin' on I've ...

Sammy Hagar - High And Dry Again
You breathe so hard; come on, bother me. Fill me up with ectasy. It's all about control, bein' sat...

Sammy Hagar - Hey Boys
It's been around for some twenty years. I carry a torch in my own way. But how long can a good thi...

Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal
Head bangers in leather Sparks fly in the dead of the night It all comes together When they shoot...

Sammy Hagar - Heartbeat
(Sammy counts in: 1,2,3,4) I wasn't lookin' for a big romance You play at love, you always take a ...

Sammy Hagar - Hands And Knees
You seem to like it when i'm down Kinda makes you feel tall Step right up stand on me I gotta lea...

Sammy Hagar - Growing Up
Oh, yeah! See all the kids on the side street. Hangin' 'round in their cars. They're out makin' m...

Sammy Hagar - Growing Pains
I got tired of my present situation So I tried rollin' over the stone. Even tried to make a change...

Sammy Hagar - Gloria
Gloria, you're always on the run now Running after somebody, you gotta get him somehow I think...

Sammy Hagar - Give To Live
Ooo I can see that you've got fire in your eyes And pain inside your heart So many things have com...

Sammy Hagar - Free Money
Every night before I got to sleep Find a ticket, win a lottery. Scoop those pearls up from the sea...

Sammy Hagar - Flamingos Fly
You lay by my side in the still of the night Let morning bring forth, all that's wondrous, wondrous...

Sammy Hagar - Fillmore Shuffle
I often wonder how the Fillmore Shuffle Caught us both in the very same year. I guess we were fool...

Sammy Hagar - Feels Like Love
Well, now, once in your life maybe if you're lucky You'll find someone that's right for you. And w...

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