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Rent - Seasons Of Love
All:Five Hundred Twenty-Five ThousandSix Hundred MinutesFive Hundred Twenty-Five ThousandMoments so ...

Rent - Your Eyes
ROGER Your Eyes As We Said Our Goodbyes Can't Get Them Out Of My Mind And I Find I Can't Hide (From)...

Rent - Youll Get Over It
YOU'LL GET OVER IT MAUREEN It's times like these I really appreciate - Mark! Dear, I'm so glad you...

Rent - Youll See
BENNY Hey You Bum - Yeah, You, Move Over Get Your Ass Off That Range Rover MARK That attitude toward...

Rent - You Okay Honey?
A HOMELESS MAN Christmas Bells Are Ringing Christmas Bells Are Ringing Christmas Bells Are Ringing S...

Rent - Without You
ROGER Where were you? MIMI I'm sorry I'm late... ROGER I know, You lost your keys. No, you went for...

Rent - Will I?
STEVE Will I Lose My Dignity Will Someone Care Will I Wake Tomorrow From This Nightmare? GROUP #1 Wi...

Rent - What You Own
MARK Don't Breathe Too Deep Don't Think All Day Dive Into Work Drive The Other Way That Drip Of Hurt...

Rent - Were Okay
Joanne (on cellular phone) Steve-Joanne The Murget Case? A Dismissal! Good Work Counselor (The pay p...

Rent - Voice Mail 5
ROGER & MARK'S VOICE "Speak..."(Beep) ROGER'S MOTHER Roger This Is Your Mother Roger, Honey I Don't ...

Rent - Voice Mail 4
ROGER & MARK (outgoing message) Speak... ALEXI DARLING Mark Cohen Alexi Darling Labor Day Weekend In...

Rent - Voice Mail 3
MRS. COHEN Mark, It's The Wicked Witch Of The West Your Mother Happy New Year From Scarsdale We're A...

Rent - Voice Mail 2
MAUREEN Hi. You've reached Maureen and Joanne. Leave a message and don't forget "Over The Moon" - My...

Rent - Voice Mail 1
ROGER & MARK'S OUTGOING MESSAGE "Speak" ... ("Beeeep!") MARK'S MOM That Was A Very Loud Beep I Don't...

Rent - Tune Up #3
MARK I don't suppose you'd like to see Maureen's show in the lot tonight? Or come to dinner? ROGER Z...

Rent - Tune Up #2
MARK Tell The Folks At Home What You're Doing Roger ROGER I'm Writing One Great Song - - MARK The p...

Rent - Tune Up #1
MARK December 24TH, Nine PM, Eastern Standard Time From Here On In I Shoot Without A Script See If A...


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