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Reba Mc Entire dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Reba Mc Entire - You Really Better Love Me After This
Your letter found me here in Denver I've changed though since I've been here Now I've learned ther...

Reba Mc Entire - Why Havent I Heard From You
Back in 1876 an ol' boy named Bell Invented a contraption that we know so well By the 1950's they ...

Reba Mc Entire - Who?
Who Who's gonna love you like I do? Who? Who ya gonna find that can do the things that I do? B...

Reba Mc Entire - Where You End And I Begin
I guess I'm just one of those Who believes there has to be a reason For living and breathing Ever...

Reba Mc Entire - When Youre Not Trying To
Let me try to explain It's not the roses or champagne That really touch my heart How can I make y...

Reba Mc Entire - When You Love Someone Like That
Reba & LeAnn Rimes When You Love Someone Like That Verse 1 (LeAnn) I think it was me, It must hav...

Reba Mc Entire - What Do You Say
Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore His son said Daddy what are all those X's for As t...

Reba Mc Entire - Were So Good Together
How do two people like To meet I think about that Was the timing just right Was it that the nigh...

Reba Mc Entire - Were All Alone
Outside the rain begins and it may never end. So cry no more on the shore a dream will take us out ...

Reba Mc Entire - Waitin For The Sun To Shine
I've been standin underneath A dark old cloud now Waitin for the sun to shine Waitin for the sun ...

Reba Mc Entire - Today All Over Again
Is this how it is when it's over Between a woman and man. Must tomorrow just keep on bein' Today ...

Reba Mc Entire - Till You Love Me
I sent you roses, I warned you I would Do all that I could to show you the way that I feel Please,...

Reba Mc Entire - Til I Said It To You
Love is a powerful word A little word that oughta mean something Love better mean what it says Sa...

Reba Mc Entire - There Aint No Love
As we sit out on the back porch And the night begins to show It feels good just to be here and unw...

Reba Mc Entire - The Only Promise That Remains
When the ground beneath you starts a-shakin' And you forget the place we came from When you're lost ...

Reba Mc Entire - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
She came in lookin' good and lookin' around She's checkin' out every man in the room right now Don...

Reba Mc Entire - Small Two Bedrom Starter
The house stood empty on a corner Waitin' for a brand-new owner. A soldier off to war Who had to ...

Reba Mc Entire - Sleeping With The Telephone
I knew who he was When I took his name But somehow knowin' Is just not the same late at night He kn...

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