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Lemar - Your Face
[Chorus] When i'm tired of all the lying Have no one to hold on to When the tears are falling The su...

Lemar - When A Heat Is Broken
She wants to love him Ready to give up everything, to be there when he calls He wants to live life S...

Lemar - What If
Yeah oh baby Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah baby Listen Yeah Woah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Woah) ...

Lemar - What About Love?
What if I took my time to love you? What if I put no one above you? What if I did the things That re...

Lemar - Time To Grow
Last night I tried but I couldn't sleep Thoughts of you were in my head I was lonly and I needed you...

Lemar - Tick Tock
I gotta leave again I don't wanna go Things can be so lonely on the road Could be the presidential s...

Lemar - Sweet Love
I know that sometimes it seems It's only studios and parties But baby I appreciate The way you stand...

Lemar - Soul Man
[CHORUS] I ain't trying to be no gangster, I ain't trying to be no hustler, Just remember I'm a soul...

Lemar - Someone Should Tell You
You call me up, in tears again I come over Your only friend Put my arms around you To stop this lone...

Lemar - No Pressure
So here I am And I'm ready to Talk all through the Night if you want to We'll do whatever you wanna ...

Lemar - Maybe Just Maybe
Think I'm bout to lose my head, don't know what to do I've been spending way too much time with you ...

Lemar - Lullaby
Open her eyes Cause her to fall in love with me Help me to speak Bless me with words she will feel O...

Lemar - Love Me Or Leave Me
I ain't no superman I don't profess to be Can't play the righteous man That's way too hard for me If...

Lemar - Lets Stay Together
I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do Is all right with me 'Cause you make me Feel so bran...

Lemar - Lets Fall In Love (Interlude)
Birds do it Bees do it Even educated fleas do it Let's do it Let's fall in love Let's fall in love L...

Lemar - Just Cant Live Without Each Other Love
I'm not scared of you leaving I'm not scared of you at all And i give you this freedom With no i tol...


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