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Aaron Carter

Leave It Up To Me dainos žodžiai

It's the kids, baby (x2)
It's the kids, come on
It's the kids, baby (x2)
And ya know we're gonna groove
It's the kids, baby (x2)
It's the kids, come on
It's the kids, baby
Leave it up, leave it up to me

Leave it to the kids
Grown up, sewn up
Even when they mess up
Actin' like it's all sewn up
Mom and dad think we
Need to have a talk
Think the kids rule the world
Boys and girls

You can't blame us for nada
You taught us, to find out orders
'Cuz I'm the baby, dun gotta
Monkey see (ah ah)
Monkey do no more
The fun stops here
What's the score
We might start a play fight
Just to imitate you
Donchya feel silly now
Shame on you
Don't start to cry now
I don't blame you
After all you're just a grown-up
Whachya gonna do

It's the kids
Gotta heat it up, heat it up
What's the deal
Gotta give it up, give it up
Make way, put it on
Gonna hook it up, hook it up
How's that
Leave it up, leave it up to me

It's the kids
What would ya do if I
Speed it up, speed it up
Set it off
Gonna live it up, live it up
Make way, put it on
Gonna hook it up, hook it up
How's that
Leave it up, leave it up to me

When the grown-ups go a-wall
Nothing's gonna fall
Here come the young ones
The baby crime busters
Big people, listen up
Relax, now we're equal
And if the money's right
We might make a sequal
Do I hear a "please?"
I love it when you beg me
I need a bribe now
Just to move my legs, see
And I might put you in
If you make way

(Lemme talk to my people we can save the day)


(Now whatchya gonna do)

Mom and dad, they be
Gettin' on my nerves
Workin' 'em, workin' 'em
Is that what I deserve?
But after many days
Hey, I want them back
Tell me who's gonna bake
My cake and all that
Who's gonna suffer from
My practical jokes
And answer when I'm home
Hey, it's gotta be my folks
And who's gonna get me up
Ready for the flight
And who's gonna tell me
"Everything's all right"

But wait a minute
That sounds so soft
That won't impress a
Hot chicka that I cross
Don't play me out 'cuz
I'll switch ya off
You've been old for too long
Singin' the same song
If you're old enough to vote
Then it's time to sit down
It's all about the little homies
Takin' the crown
So if you're too young to vote
Here's your chance to have a say
Come on everybody
Help me save the day

Chorus (x2)


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