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Juelz Santana

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Kill 'Em Juelz Santana lyrics
Artist: Juelz Santana
Album: What The Game's Been Missing
Year: 2005
Title: Kill 'Em Print
Dude, c'mon you kno what you gotta do this time around.. (Chorus)
you niggas aint nuthin,
you niggas is fruntin
you niggas dont want it
kill'em, kill'em, kill'em, kill'em..
My niggas they get it, money
your niggas cant get it, money
we'll killya to get it
money money money money Verse1
Its like everything im doin is gangsta my whole movement is gangsta i manuever with gangstas
i put the, t-r-u into gangsta
im a nuisance to gangstas i be shootin at gangtas.....
if he blink wrong
if he think wrong
show this muthaf**ka these aint no paintballs
put his eightball, dead in the side pocket, some lead from my hot rocket left in his side pocket
f**k a microwave that'll turn his head to a hot pocket
im beggin you oxe stoppit
'cause never do i stoppit whenever do i pop it
i kill'em,
kill'em (laughs) Verse2
I lay around all day with the pound all day, dawg i dont play around all day(nope)
i pop up wit the glock up like its groundhogs day
and then i let them round off man
now how dat sound off man
when dat pound go bang(ooohh)(bang)
ya face chow low man(goodbye)
chow lil man
im great
when you see me
bow lil man (chorus) x2 Verse3
When the glock go
when the shot go
all you gon hear is
kill'em kill'em kill'em kill'em
and im not no
i pop those
all you gon hear is
kill'em kil'em kill'em kill'em
for dem nachos i'll killya
for my block yo i'll killya
let this nigga know hes not no gorilla
and thats not no chinchilla
thats a chopped up gorilla that they chopped up to getcha
oh and you bought it
kill'em this is not a real nigga
he is not in my picture
I eat lobster for dinner
he got spam on his plate
he got ham on his plate
I dont eat pork hand me some steak
nigga hand me some cake
fore i hand you the eighth like a muthaf**kin hand that you shake
give you five nigga
im alive nigga
who, what, where, when, why nigga, i'd nigga, kill'em (chorus) Verse4
whats my name, killa, who i be wit, killas, what them bitches say, killa, killa, killa, killa
uh oh
there go a cat fight
this is there spar for dome
get in the car they foam
never seen cars wit phones(never?)
I give any part to holmes
I am hard to bone
back out the orange cones
even though I go right at the seargents dome
right where my orange stones
we are at home
get movin and took out
im usin the hood rout
hustla please
man you was the lookout
man just lookout
im a ragin bull
wit amazin sold
so i paid in full
but theres no movie pry
dawgie this the uzi ride
to leave your cutie rootie tootie little bootie pie
this my dutie dock
you try to sue me stop
how you judge me i get judge judy shot(easy)
now sue me oxe
i'll just lay and smile, i'll rape ya child, they wont make the trial
(Thanks 2 LilNy 4 Lyrics)


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