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John Mayall - Riding On The L And N
Around the bend in the L&N1 They loaded it down with a lot of men The whistle blow and through the...

John Mayall - Ready To Ride
I've waited a long time To get my loving done There's so much beauty around here I'm bound to fin...

John Mayall - Rambling On My Mind
I got rambling, I got rambling all on my mind. I got rambling, I got rambling all on my mind. I ha...

John Mayall - Possessive Emotions
Possessive emotions creeping up on me I wish my emotions had less jealousy Don’t want you to be wi...

John Mayall - Plan Your Revolution
Establishment doctrine In the USA Make you very uptight You don't want Anybody standing in your ...

John Mayall - Parchman Farm
I'm sitting over here on Parchman farm. I'm sitting over here on Parchman farm. I'm sitting over h...

John Mayall - Padlock On The Blues
I got a padlock on the blues And I got the key to open up my mind Unlock it what's inside me? I n...

John Mayall - Open Up A New Door
Stepping outside, pretty girls all saw me Found the best one who said She adored my loving ways L...

John Mayall - One In A Million
I don't see you very often And it's sad that we're apart I just want you to know That you're alwa...

John Mayall - Off The Road
I’ve traveled the world and had no time to rest I’ve played for people every day Living from a sui...

John Mayall - No Reply
No reply I've rung your number day and night Wonder why Nothing seems to come out right No reply...

John Mayall - Night Flyer
Lying awake in the darkness Your voice is sad in my ear Now that I’ve just put the phone down How...

John Mayall - Natures Disappearing
Nature's Disappearing Man's a filthy creature Raping the land and water and the air Tomorrow ma...

John Mayall - My Country Girl
There's a cabin in the country No TVs or telephone When I get that burnt out feeling Down in spir...

John Mayall - Miss James
I read about her in a magazine The writer painted her in colors of a queen Other people said bad t...

John Mayall - Medicine Man
I had a bit of bad luck Something I would never plan Got a little trouble Help me any way you can...

John Mayall - Many Miles Apart
Here in New York City I just can't wait to get back home I know my baby's waiting Because she tol...

John Mayall - Look In The Mirror
Look in the mirror What is there to see? Just a man, but can that man go free? Can't find an answ...

John Mayall - Long Gone Midnight
Long gone midnight And I want my woman so bad No use waiting for her She won't come, I call that ...

John Mayall - Little Girl
You're gonna be mine, little girl, you've been through 18 years of pain. You're gonna be mine, litt...

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