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Jimmy Barnes dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Jimmy Barnes - Children Of A Lesser God
And as we Look into the past Watching them come forth from their path What once was gloriou...

Jimmy Barnes - Heartbreak Beat
I'm a hearbreak beat Yeah, all night long And nobody don't dance On the edge of the dark ...

Jimmy Barnes - Heart Cries Alone
Oh I thought I heard your heart cry Heard the tears deep inside Where sadness was hiding before yo...

Jimmy Barnes - Hardlines
Well it's late at night something just ain't right I can tell by the look in your eye You didn't s...

Jimmy Barnes - Guilty
Yeah baby, I've been drinking And I shouldn't come by I know But I've found myself in trouble And...

Jimmy Barnes - Good Times
Everybody shake Everybody move Everybody shake Mary Mary you're on my mind Folks are gone and ...

Jimmy Barnes - Going Down Alone
Your faith is tested each and every day What is now is gonna fade away All the ones that you trust...

Jimmy Barnes - Going Crazy
You keep me from going crazy I gave my life away; now it's time to play Gotta live by the choi...

Jimmy Barnes - Gaoth Barra Na D Tonn
Tį gealach na gconnlach ag éirķ sa spéir 'S grian bhuķ an Fhómhair ag tomadh sa weir Tį na bea...

Jimmy Barnes - Fooling Yourself
When you were in your mothers arms Got all you wanted with your charm And as you grew all that you...

Jimmy Barnes - Flame Trees
Kids out driving Saturday afternoon just pass my by I'm just savoring familiar sights We shared so...

Jimmy Barnes - Fire
It's a little strange you know You might think it's kinda weird But she is my one true love And l...

Jimmy Barnes - Fianco A Fianco
Quando andavo a scuola mamma mi svegliava con la sua canzone E fuori č l'alba Muore il sogno a...

Jimmy Barnes - Fel Maer Afon
Mor wāg yw'r dyfodol Yn aros 'nawr I ti a fi; Dim rhwystr o'r gorffennol, Cerddwn lawr y ff...

Jimmy Barnes - Fade To Black
I'll be with you tonight Far away from the noise of the crowd I'm gonna cash in my dreams I got n...

Jimmy Barnes - Every Beat
Oh darling I just got to let you know I just can't stand it When I have to let you go If you o...


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