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Jim Croce dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Jim Croce - You Dont Mess Around With Jim
Uptown got it's hustlers Bowery got it's bums 42nd Street got Big Jim Walker He's a pool-shootin'...

Jim Croce - Workin At The Car Wash Blues
Well, I had just got out from the county prison Doin' ninety days for non-support Tried to find me...

Jim Croce - What The Hell
You see Johnny Carson is a friend of mine And my music box will always play me something If someth...

Jim Croce - What Do People Do
When there ain't nothin' to do? When there's nobody else around to do Nothin' with or to Have you...

Jim Croce - Wear Out The Turnpike
There's ice and snow on the northern roads And the Jersey Pike is closed Have to go and do some dr...

Jim Croce - Vespers
And the way she used to love me But I just can't live without her 'Cause her arms are not around m...

Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle
If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do Is to save every day Till et...

Jim Croce - These Dreams
Once we were lovers But somehow things have changed Now we're just lonely people Trying to forget...

Jim Croce - The Way We Used To
How come we can't talk the way we used to do Nothin' seems to be the same Have we forgotten all th...

Jim Croce - The Next Man That I Marry
Can't recall too much about The image of it left me Each time the lights went out The last mind t...

Jim Croce - The Man That Is Me
And I've always been tryin' To dream myself out of this world that I'm in In my dreams I escape al...

Jim Croce - The Hard Way Every Time
Yeah, I've had my share of broken dreams And more than a couple of falls And in chasin' what I tho...

Jim Croce - The Faces Ive Been
That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang All day long they work so hard till the sun i...

Jim Croce - The Ball Of Kerrymuir
Four-and-twenty virgins come down from Inverness, And when the Ball was over, there were four-and-t...

Jim Croce - Sun Come Up
Sun come up in the morning Blues round my head I've got a troubled mind and plenty of time to roam...

Jim Croce - Stone Walls
It's been too many years inside this prison Too many years just for one little fight He got what w...

Jim Croce - Speedball Tucker
I drive a broke down rig on "may-pop" tires Forty foot of overload A lot of people say that I'm cr...

Jim Croce - Singing The Blues
I was born to sing a good-time song You know that nothin' used to bring me down 'Til the day I f...

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