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Jewel dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Jewel - Intuition
Intuition Lyrics I'm just a simple girl In a high tech digital world I really try to understand...

Jewel - You Were Meant For Me
I hear the clock, it's 6 A.M., I feel so far away from where I've been. I got my eggs, got my panc...

Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul
People living their lives for you on TV They say they're better than you and you agree He says hol...

Jewel - Whats Simple Is True
Turn to me with frozen lips Your hands are icy cold Your eyes burn bright against the frost-bit sk...

Jewel - Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Sleigh bells ring Are you listening In the lane Snow is glistening A beautiful sight We're ...

Jewel - This Little Bird
There's a little bird, Somebody sent Down to the earth to Live on the wind. Blowing on the wind,...

Jewel - Stronger Woman
I guess you could say I'm one of those girls Thats always been with one of those guys You know th...

Jewel - Standing Still
Cutting through the darkest night are my two headlights Trying to keep it clear, but I'm losing it ...

Jewel - Spirit
If I could tell the world just one thing It would be that we're all o.k. And not to worry Cause w...

Jewel - Satellite
Babies on beach blankets headed for Mars Cute guys in crew cuts with the day goes to bars There's ...

Jewel - Song For A Winters Night
The lamp is burning low upon my table top the snow is softly falling The air is still within the si...

Jewel - Pieces Of You
She's an ugly girl, does it make you want to kill her? She's an ugly girl, do you want to kick in h...

Jewel - Painters
Eighty years, an old lady now, sitting on the front porch Watching the clouds roll by. They remind...

Jewel - Near You Always
Please don't say I love you those words touch me much too deeply And they make my core tremble Do...

Jewel - Morning Star
Let the phone ring. Let's go back to sleep. Let the world spin outside our door, You're the only ...

Jewel - Morning Song
Let the phone ring, let's go back to sleep Let the world spin outside our door, you're the only one...

Jewel - Long Slow Slide
Lights are bright in the circus The geeks and the freaks all light cigarettes and laugh at your mis...

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Alanis Morissette Jessica Simpson Joan Osborne Michelle Branch Natalie Merchant Paula Cole


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