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India Arie - Part Of My Life
Can you be a part of my life? Can you be a part of my life? Oh it’s easy to find some one to pla...

India Arie - Beautiful Surprise
It's like yesterday I didn't even know your name Now today You're always on my mind I never coul...

India Arie - Wonderful
You are the sunshine of my life another Shakespeare of your time Your like a ribbon in the sky you ...

India Arie - Video
Verse 1 Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I w...

India Arie - These Eyes
This heart is in need of some healing These arms are letting you go Our life is the greatest story...

India Arie - Theres Hope
(Verse 1): Back when I had a little I thought that I needed a lot A little was over rated, But a...

India Arie - The One
I got this feeling that I need to express Laying it out so you don't have to guess I'm making myse...

India Arie - The Heart Of The Matter
The Heart Of The Matter (originally by Don Henley) I got the call today, I didn't wanna hear Bu...

India Arie - Summer
(feat. Rascal Flatts & Victor Wooten) Goodbye summer - I hate to see you go; I wasn't ready for ...

India Arie - Strength, Courage And Wisdom
Inside my head there lives a dream that I want to see in the sun Behind my eyes there lives a me th...

India Arie - Simple
Now that you’re right here, Let me whisper in your ear Now that you’re listening, Let me tell you...

India Arie - Redy For Love
I am ready for love Why are you hiding from me I’d quickly give my freedom To be held in your cap...

India Arie - Ready For Love
I am ready for love Why are you hiding from me I'd quickly give my freedom To be held in your cap...

India Arie - Purify Me
[Verse 1:] Easy like Sunday mornin Like an angel callin He takin me all in And i'm embrassin him...

India Arie - Promises
When I think about the turn my life has taken I know it’s because of you, that I receive so many bl...

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Monica Maxwell


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