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Ying Yang Twins

Hoes Featjacki O dainos žodžiai

I hate hoes 3x All these hoes is tha muthaf**kin same
Lean to tha left like a muthf**kin lane
call yall out cho muthaf**kin name
f**k yall dames i got game
I hate hoes...hoes hate me 4x (Verse 1)
Listen here bitch dont take this shit wrong thankin im nice i'll break ya jaw bone get tha f**k on leave me lone bitch you betta gone (bitch you betta gone)see yall hoes aint opstmistic(spell check)cock-blockin bitches improper bitches whats tha problem bitches ya say ya nigga hurt cha feelings well hoes den hurt mine not once not twice but bitch all tha time ??????? have em all cryin i done cried before dat dont make me a hoe dat just show me where my feelings suposed to go??? see i got tha magic stick you dumb bitch otha niggas you f**k with be on some punk shit and imma show yall i dont need no help ? as soon as i loosin my belt BITCH! Chours (Verse 2)
I need a woman i cant stand bitches and hoes cause a bitch is a bitch and a hoe gone hoe but a woman hold her on she got her own home she drive her own car buyin drinks at tha bar take a nigga out to eat take a nigga to tha mall treat a nigga good and wash a nigga draws bitches aint shit always talkin shit they wanna be tha shit (yea) but is they tha shit (no) hoes they f**k off tha got damn chain everything and everythang and dont take names so dats a nasty hoe and i cant do shit with it bitch get out my face i dont need a case i love yall respectful women independent women i takes em out all tha time but yall extra baggy bitches need to keep on truckin i aint stickin i aint talkin or nothin CAUSE! Chours
What i cant stand is a hatin bitch.. tell a bitch like this Bitch keep my name out cha mouth fa ya find out how a downsouth hoe wild out you a hata she a hata three a hata four everywhere i go i see some hatin ass hoes sevenbelle jazzibelle ????????????????????? still they run up on me smilin fony laugh as soon as i turn my back they stabbin learn to play fair stop tryna care 10 hoes to 1 nigga bitch learn to share baby you dead ass broke but hatin on a rich chick see how i flow bitch put this on yo wish list two seater with tha chill on yo baby daddy out tha grill on finna put they heals on em chrom spokes with tha low pros in tha trunk funk ?? apple seater on tha dash board Chours (Talkin) This is tha mens national anthem fa this year..all yall real women ..yall can sang this shit too...if you a hoe and you hate anotha hoe..you can sang this shit too..if you a bitch and you hate anotha bitch...you can sang this shit too.. so everybody gone sang this shit..i hate hoes..they hate me too


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