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Linkin Park

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I've been diggin' into crates ever since I was livin' in spaceBefore the rat-race
before monkeys had human traitsI mastered numerology and big-bang theologyPerformed labotamies with telekinetic psychologyInvented the mic
so I could start blessin' itChin-checkin' kids to make a point like an impressionistMany men have tried to shake us
but I twist mic cords toDouble-helixes and show them what I'm made ofCast the spell of instrumentalness on all of you emcees who hate usSo you can try onLeave you without a shoulder to cry onFrom now to infinity
let icons be bygonsI fire bombsGhostly notes haunt thisI tried threats
but moved on to a promiseI stomp $h!+ with or without an accompliceAnd run the gauntlet with whoever that wants this! High Voltage (x4) Akira I put a kink in the back bones of clonesWith microphones Never satisfy my rhyme JonesSprayin bright day over what you might sayMy blood type's Krylon
Type AOn highways Right with roadrage Pages of wind And cages of tin that bounce all around (Surround Sound!)Devouring the sceneSubliminal gangrene paintingsOverall the same thingsSing-Song karaoke copy bull$h!+Break bones verbally with sticks and stone tactics!4th dimension Combat convention Write rhymes at ease while the track stands at attentionMeant to put you awayWith the pencil
16 line the rhyme missileWhile you risk it all
I pick out all your flaws
Spittin raw blah blah blah You can say you saw: High Voltage (x8) High Voltage (x16)


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