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Gomez dainų žodžiai, tekstai

Gomez - Rosalita
Rosalita's crawling round the knees Rest my head, she's calling to me In my dreams she's there for...

Gomez - Ries Wagon
Gonna take that medicine, cold cold medicine, To make me what I am. Gonna go down steady, gonna ge...

Gomez - Ries Waggon
Gonna take that medicine, the cold, cold medicine Make me what I am Gonna go down steady, gonna ge...

Gomez - Rhythm And Blues Alibi
You can write your tunes with rhythm and blues as your alibi You can sell your soul and lay the bla...

Gomez - Rex Kramer
Aaaaaaah've been lost and now found my way Take me down and save Show me the way Take me places t...

Gomez - Revolutionary Kind
Keep on kicking shit, keep running off the rails Keep on picking the dirt from 'neath your fingerna...

Gomez - Pussyfootin
Pussyfootin, pussyfootin around, it's just got me down, yeah Pussyfootin, pussyfootin around, it's ...

Gomez - Ping One Down
We'll return to the ocean Ride the tide again Test the water, jump right in And try to swim So...

Gomez - Pick Up The Pieces
Pick up the pieces and we'll throw them away Throw them away and replace them Bring on the blues n...

Gomez - Old School Shirt
I'm just mad about my old school shirt The frills, they are a must The things of all those kids an...

Gomez - Miles End
Chinese symbols on his robe Never gonna match up with that smile He's wearing mostly black and gol...

Gomez - Make No Sound
He's fine don't make no sound he's fine She's fine but in her eyes... Said to her there's beauty ...

Gomez - Machismo
Machismo He's into that, that spiritual stuff My brother's into, my brother's into He's into ...

Gomez - M57
Baby, put your hand, you wanna be with someone, can't afford to be Lay your hand with me, I'm too l...

Gomez - Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
Love is better than a warm trombone, When goin' south my two-toned brother. Down on luck by chance...

Gomez - Las Vegas Dealer
Goodbye Lauren Lee, my precious Lauren Lee has gone Gone so far away now, won't be back today or to...

Gomez - In Our Gun
The first words that came could've been more inspired You must be hungry or tired or frozen So put...


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