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Lil Wayne

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(lil wayne talking) yeah, yeah, real rap real rap for ya, yeah, lighters up Chorus: oh, though im missin you, i know im missin you , i find a way to get through, i know livin without ya is impossible but I try,why i know you gone live on, cause you're my brother, my sista and i love ya and i miss ya aww aww aww verse1: stay strong,be tough that's wat tha preacher tell ya, he never really felt ya so he cant even help ya, need a shoulder to lean on somebody to cry to, its like evry things gone but ima survivor, standin on stage in front of thousands dont amount to me not having my father, thats real talk, i know alot of yall got em but you need em way more when you gotta go without em, and im without him, but thats life yall, sometimes you gotta learn to swim with no lifeguard, im alright GOD, shit im still breathing but lost hurt like bullets im bout to start bleeding, throw me down some comfort cause my heart need it, tryna cope with my chances a needle, there's a dark road ahead but im tryna take it easy, rest in peace lil beezy my nigga chorus: Nikki and Lil Wayne:
(man I miss my dawg I can't believe that its over, but I'm a soldier so i gotta get over, can't stay sober I'm just tryin to get over get over) verse2:
smoke kush allday and pop pain killers, f*** who dont understand it thats what the game did us,thats what the street showed us, thats how the block made us, the same block where they laid at, i pray every time i cross the spot on the pavement,save me,lord will I be next for the takin, take me, i know im livin like i know when im comin, but im just livin cause i know that its comin, and the end is comin but i aint runnin, i aint hidin or duckin, im in the middle of a war im alive and lovin, im just speakin from the heart of the dyin public, we still beat n we gone rise above it, though it seems like they cheatin and we losin we survive if nothin, they can never take this strive from strugglin, i gotta ride and sometimes that ride get bloody, but i just think about my buddy and go after that money but ugh (Nikki singing) oh, we gotta get over, we gotta get over, we gotta get over, its almost over, and we gone be alright (i gotta get over, i gotta get over, 'cause bitch I'm a soldier)
straight petrone out the bottle to the head now,we gettin red now, b**** my nigga dead now, and all the thangs i never said i gotta say it now, i should've said it then now i got to talk to clouds, now i gotta walk around brim down just trynin find my way to the next day,escape, ya birthday can be your death day, so im livin like it was just yesterday,lets pray,ten fingers together cant bring em together,its murda murda i dont think it gets better, so be a competitor or get out the weather,me i got a umbrella and a beretta, im jus tryna make sure my daughter future progressing,and behind that im shootin excessive, trust me, the beautiful dead we livin with the ugly,i just tell my pops wait for me im comin
chorus Lil Wayne talking: They ask me why I wear shades at night time. 'cause I don't wanna see NOTHIN. Yeah, like I said, life ain't nothin but a long extended road. Keep drivin. I done passed up plenty people on the side of the road, no help, keep goin. yeah, lost a lot of passengers on the ride, kept goin. yup, who knows when I run out of gas. Yeeah.


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