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Lil Wayne

Get Down (With Baby) dainos žodžiai

[Baby and Lil Wayne talking] Weezy What up pop. What up pop F**k what they heard it's what they need to know nigga (They sayin C.A.R.T.E.R. yep!) Ya feel me. Hey nigga we done built this shit from the ground up now homie Believe that daddy. It ain't no lookin back from here. We too strong [chorus] And thats the only way we get down (We get down) Cause thats the only way we was taught (We was taught) And everything we got we bought (We bought) And real niggaz still shine in the dark (Still shine in the dark yea) And thats the only way we get down (We get down) And thats the only way we was taught (We was taught) And everything we got we bought (We bought) And real niggaz still shine in the dark (Still shine in the dark f**k a law Oh!) Cause thats the only way we get down [verse] I down down a brother we ain't cut from the same cloth you Downy soft Bullets separate ya body compound a busta I'ma find ya if ya hidin I'm a bounty hunter In ya home puttin dick all down ya woman You come home we in the bedroom countin money I bring her home and I f**k her on a thousand hundreds Then I shoot the nasty bitch in the mouth for nothin I say Birdman Birdman whats good today We ain't never let them niggaz take our food away And we recognize real and got a rude awakenin And woke up together and our life was better I'm the Cash Money son I never like fa cheddar Not a rat though hat low Nike is leather Lil maw twist to get my life together Ya bitch meet me at the bar and we night together Cut! [chorus] [verse] Throw my weight like Sherman Klump I gotta hold up my estate like Donald Trump And I aim kinda straight when it's time to pump I bring the pump when it's time to punk Wrapped around my waist like a cumber bun Dont make a nigga pump (clap clap) you up! I come in that new thing she threw up Now yo' bitch ass gotta clean yo' shoe up I'm rich as f**k and I never blew up Buisness mug gotta get my loot up Bet ya bitch get f**ked if I ever met her Bet ya ditch get dug you ever step up One by one I push 'em down fat bullet fat head make a pussy sound Hard head soft ass make a gushy ground I'm straight from a crooked town Like that bitch! [chorus] [verse] I give my arms and my legs to the game I'm ahead of the game I dead any mane if he said any thing but it's cool as long as nigga paid when he came And I'm a fool wit the flame and the caine Cut it just a little bit but the drain stay the same yea Young Wayne and the pain and the stain still remain On the chest where the four made a mess yes I'm still here in the flesh 21 year old legend I'ma live way after my death I sacrifice whateva thats left I give ya'll the last of my breath like..(exhales) Write it down take a picture record a copy Press pause only way you stop me f**ker I'ma get mine and make you not me Spit wine at ya face if you watch me Bitch! [chorus] And thats the only way we gettin down nigga Cash Money CMB man You already know we here neva left f**k 'em See me if you got a problem boy Im at home all day man. Its not a game Stunna, whats really good wit 'em we ain't neva let 'em take our food away Fresh you nasty on this on dawg. Ugh This one, this is the Carter Beotch!


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