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50 Cent

G Unit / Utp dainos žodžiai

[Male voice talking] Right now with the situation gettin' better So I'm doin' you things, holla
[50 Cent] Yeah, 50 Cent, uh huh, check me out
Now piece by piece we put it all together Time to get this dough nigga, it's now or never I'm wild as ever, foul as ever Reap whatever, whatever, whatever They say I'm a slick talker, shit talker Grimy ass New Yorker Come gutcha, gum futcher, lay your ass out If you ever catch beef nigga, call on me If you f**ked up in school nigga, it's all on me I get a left foot to drop a nigga, pistol to pop a nigga Break you off proper nigga, the cops ain't gonna stop a nigga (yeah) Let's get this money man, them hos come with the paper I'm done to go wherever this game takes us Look homey, you see my 22's, sittin' on low bros That simple mathematics, that equal more hoes I smoke a lot of dro, I got a lot of flows Shit I didn't have to say that, y'all already know [Chorus - 2X] From New York to New Orleans A problem, holla at me My niggas comin' to see If everythin' is alright
Ya'll niggas can blow some trees Have coke and some Hennessey My niggas from U.T.P. Everythin' is alright
[Young Buck] For those who couldn't figure me out, what this nigga be bout Cookin' it, and cuttin' it, and flippin' it, in 24 hours Cause I keep a dyke, on the back of the bike In the summertime the white Air Force One's, Louie Baton, Nike style (woo) Don't really talk much (uh huh), I let my money speak I know you saw us, shit we a 100 deep I'm sippin' Don, with Juan, Bird, and smokin' weed Shakin' them h


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