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Funeral For A Friend - Your Revolution Is A Joke
They stand to fight for nothing And show how stupid we've become As fortune favours only Those wh...

Funeral For A Friend - You Want Romance?
The waters colder at the edge And they dived for hours Past sundown Until the body was wasted ...

Funeral For A Friend - Walk Away
all of the words, that we have to say, they don't leave,when the moment comes, we know we have to w...

Funeral For A Friend - Waking Up Inside My Own Paralysis
Is a lie just the truth uncovered and relinquished a passion for all young fools Is a lie more th...

Funeral For A Friend - This Years Most Open Heartbreak
throw that punch swing to hit your target It's a pointless game One better less played Suicide ...

Funeral For A Friend - This Letter
As you swallow this confession And leave me with this scar. As it takes another second To let m...

Funeral For A Friend - The Great Wide Open
Spitting from the bridges, like a bird perched on a branch, I'm wilting like a tree that will never...

Funeral For A Friend - The Getaway Plan
Wasted journey's, time spent better knowing nothing and looks, they don't help. Prying eyes wander...

Funeral For A Friend - The End Of Nothing
Killing you Might be the only chance I have of recovery But I know it's oh severe so you knew it ...

Funeral For A Friend - The Art Of American Football
Shove- the momentum drags us under Your constant disregard your constant aggravation Tell me nothi...

Funeral For A Friend - Sunday Bloody Sunday
I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes And make it go away How long... How lon...

Funeral For A Friend - Summers Dead And Buried
Well if it takes another look Will you stay and watch us? And when they ask to cover up Another p...

Funeral For A Friend - Streetcar
When theres a rub We can talk for a while But I have sweet nothings to say You don't want me an...

Funeral For A Friend - Storytelling
You say, it's not going to work out Why do you, have to tell me now? Is there a difference in any...

Funeral For A Friend - Sonny
You are bleak You are beautiful No matter what they say In this light Tired childish games Swep...

Funeral For A Friend - She Drove Me To Daytime Tv
Can't beat the best ones A little closer maybe a bit too close, yeah You function you turn out A ...

Funeral For A Friend - She Drove Me To Daytime Television
Can't beat the best ones A little closer maybe a bit too close You function you turn out A fla...

Funeral For A Friend - Roses For The Dead
Just to say we're sorry For the black eyes and bleeding lips When it's hard to forget How many li...

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