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Fools Garden - I Dont Wanna Learn
I don`t wanna talk, I don`t wanna walk, I don`t wanna hear about it. I don`t wanna run, I don`...

Fools Garden - Closer
Don´t be afraid I´m not lonely, closer closer to my life Don´t wait I won´t...

Fools Garden - Shes So Happy To Be
(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) She says that: "All that I can say Is I feel hungry" and today She say...

Fools Garden - Scared
(Hinkel) Mother can you tell me why I feel so scared Can you tell me why you're leavin' At the ...

Fools Garden - Save Me
(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) The devil was my saviour, The only one to blame It's me though I've fo...

Fools Garden - Save
Pick up the phone in your fast car The road is long oh Babe it brought you so far But you won’...

Fools Garden - Rule Of Thumb
We can sail on every ocean we can send you to the moon Interfere the evolution we can make the de...

Fools Garden - Rainy Day
The parridge's been good The marmalade too I take another slice of bread The bacon is hot but I d...

Fools Garden - Pure
(Freudenthaler) Sandy came to meet me To the secret little bay down by the shore Where once a t...

Fools Garden - Probably
Dan is drinking coffee Mary's drinking tea Betty's having breakfast In the plastic surgery Some ...

Fools Garden - Pieces
Hello, who are you, I never saw this girl before I was astonished as can be Somebody told me she s...

Fools Garden - Ordinary Man
Who you wanna be? The owner of the moon, A soon forgotten hero with a never fading bloom Who you w...

Fools Garden - One Way Out
(Hinkel / Wissler) The sign on the wall is tryin' to stir you up A time has come so you must be ...

Fools Garden - One Fine Day
Who's gonna cover me when I shiver in a frigo? In a house of steel? And who's gonna kill the pain? ...

Fools Garden - Once In A Blue Moon
(Hinkel) Don't be afraid when you're drowning Under a sky made of blue Don't be afraid 'cos tha...

Fools Garden - Nothing
(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) There's no picture, I could paint to tell you what you mean to me And ...

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