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Diana Ross - Did You Read Themorning Papers?
Did you read the morning paper Did you see the front headline Did you read the morning paper Baby...

Diana Ross - Did You Ever Wonder Why
Last night I had a dream Lost in a golden paradise Trying hard to find my way Every day a new sur...

Diana Ross - Dark Side Of The World
Don't leave me, don't leave me here On the dark side of the world My days are darker than your n...

Diana Ross - Dance: Ten Looks: Three
It was then I decided to call the doctor For my appointment to buy what? Tits and ass, shall I buy...

Diana Ross - Cryin My Heart Out For You
How do you live with a broken heart? Everytime you come too close I just run away I need you so...

Diana Ross - Cross My Heart
You're like a child within The one who just won't give in Oh how you love to play I wanna underst...

Diana Ross - Crime Of Passion
Must be crazy they don't know what we've done You are my lover Even though I know it's wrong I he...

Diana Ross - Come Together
Here come old flat top He come grooving up slowly He got Joo Joo eyeball He one holy roller He g...

Diana Ross - Come In From The Rain
Well, hello there Good old friend of mine You've been reaching for yourself For such a long time ...

Diana Ross - Change Of Heart
You're trying to tell me something Every time I come near I got a feeling the message Is the one ...

Diana Ross - Carry On
Carry on When the valley's deep I'll be strong With a mighty love to Carry on Never sleep til' ...

Diana Ross - Cant It Wait Until Tomorrow
I know you're standing there Trying to say the words You took so long to prepare But I laugh, pre...

Diana Ross - Can I Go On?
Lose it? Lose it? I don't even know the first thing About what they're feeling What am I afraid ...

Diana Ross - Chain Reaction
You took a mystery and made me want it You got a pedestal and put me on it You made me love you ou...

Diana Ross - Brown Baby
Brown baby Brown baby As you grow up I want you to drink from the plenty cup I want you to stand...

Diana Ross - Bottom Line
Na, na na na na na Na, na na na na na na Na, na na na... (repeat) You say you're steady, 'n you...

Diana Ross - Blame It On The Sun
Where has my love gone? How can I go on? It seems, dear Love has gone away Where is my spirit? ...

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