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Linkin Park

Dedication dainos žodžiai

I'm not positive on two of the words
but I'm pretty sure they're right. and im not quite sure how they were righting their stanza's
but I tried.
I have a dream of a scene between the green hills Clouds pull away and the sunlight's revealed People don't talk about keepin' it real It's understood that they actually will And intoxicated and stimulated MCs staring in the dreams
are gone in the breeze Watch them flee
hip-hop heads take a walk with me and what you'll see is a land where the sand's made of crushed up wax And the sky beyond you is krylon blue And everybody speaks in a dialect to rhyme Mcs have left materialism behind them
(Chorus)meanwhile I just grip my mic and home me and my team make it thru alright Because say what you will and say what you might But dont ignore who its for at the end of the night Cus this is dedicated to the kids Dedicated to wherever music lives Dedicated to those tired of the same old same And dedicated to the people who advance in the game (What's real?)It's the kids who know somethings wrong (What's real?)It's the kids who think they don't belong (What's real?)It's the kids who have nowhere to run
who are hiding in the shadows waiting for the sun
I've seen a lot of shit Ive talked to a bum on sunset strip He asked how would u feel if everyone acted like you didn't exist You'd lose your grip
eventually flip So let it be known
the only reason that we do this Is so you can pick it up and just bang your head to it While MCs fight to see who can be the commonist We'd float over head like a pace odyssey monolith Over seeing the game
over being part of the same old thing Its all gonna change in a hurrican of darkness and pain in acetic rain and promises you wont to it again
(Pulling me closer
shadows warm inside) (this is where I feel at home
this is my place to hide) (Pulling me closer
shadows warm inside) (this is where I feel at home
this is my place to hide)
(Whats real?) Everybody who doesn't feel safe (Whats real?) Everbody who knows they're out of place (Whats real?) Everybody with nowhere to run and who hide in the shadows waiting for the sun


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