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Darkseed - Souls Unite
You're waiting for the gates To be raised When you walk through Your life will change Time after...

Darkseed - Senca
I lost more I ever gained Far away, far away... Thunder die, heartache cry Star-crossed light nev...

Darkseed - Self Pity Sick
Can I hold You all night long? I feel You shake, a deed so wrong, Wrong in my head Vino two for o...

Darkseed - Rain Of Revival
A gentle rain came down on all Falling down upon the world Washing away our sins Tears that clean...

Darkseed - Rain
When the day comes You wish it dark Life's black window of Your soul When the day comes You wish ...

Darkseed - Night Mislead
Music: Hertrich Lyrics: Hertrich/Winkler With how sad steps You climb the skies ! How silently, h...

Darkseed - Nevermight
Truth may one day smile Now I think scorn to sigh You fear by pale-white shown Heavy spellcraft g...

Darkseed - My Worldly Task Is Done
Music: Hertrich Lyrics: Hertrich Falling into the hole Starfall - the horizon This hateful imper...

Darkseed - Many Wills
I'm lying on my bed now No morning gives me promise Of a glorious day Will happiness return' I o...

Darkseed - Lysander
Music: Hertrich Lyrics: Hertrich Neglect me, lose me Only give me leave, Unworthy as I am To fo...

Darkseed - Loves Heavy Burden
Music: Hertrich/Winkler Lyrics: Hertrich Under love's heavy burden do I sink Can I go forward whe...

Darkseed - Like To A Silver Bow
Music: Hertrich Lyrics: Hertrich Once I wrote her name upon the sand, But came a wave and washed ...

Darkseed - Life
In a maze of feelings I lost myself My colored window Now pieces of broken glass I can't stand...

Darkseed - Left Alone
A shining star it sinks And spreads it's last silver rays A short glance and then escape To unive...

Darkseed - Last Dream
Laughter of the night devours your life's brightness Virgirn is singing - apparition of your death ...

Darkseed - Journey To The Spirit World
This day forms more and more my wish to enter unknown paths I desire light on my way to the spirit ...

Darkseed - In Broken Images
Grotesque fairyland-astray With fine falling snow This myth now melts away Through bloody archway...

Darkseed - I Deny You
Would You like to go for a walk? Essential for You... May I introduce You to my words: Small amus...

Darkseed - Hopelessness
I'm looking through my window and I see A lonesome star lost in the night I'm looking through my w...


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