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Common - They Say
[Chorus: John Legend] They say "What's happenin'?" We say the facts and if, they lie... We comin' ba...

Common - The Remedy
Yo, we all got different things we got to deal with. We always are trying To put the blame on somet...

Common - The People
Louder, louder, Louder, louder, louder, louder Louder, louder, Yeah Yeah, it’s for the ...

Common - The Food
I walked in the crib, got 2 kids, and my baby momma late (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh). So I had to did what...

Common - The Bitch In Yoo
(Yeah, for your nation... For your nation...) Verse One: A bitch nigga wit an attitude named ...

Common - Stolen Moments Pt Ii
Featuring Black Thought Black Thought: It's a frantic situation(x7) Common: Extra salty cuz ...

Common - Stolen Moments Pt I
Common: Down da-down-da-down-down-down, what(x3) Down-da-down, check it, check it There was a H...

Common - Southside
La, la, la, la, la – and e’rybody say La, la, la, la, la – I know you, I know you…. I know you’re t...

Common - Retrospect For Life
Yo we gotta start respectin life more y'all You look at your brother man you gotta see yourself Go...

Common - Real Nigga Quotes
Common: One two, one two, one two Yo, I be the Big Illinois, here to build and destroy I come on ...

Common - Invocation
Common: Envisioning the hereafter, listenin to Steve Wonder On a Quest for Love like the Proceed d...

Common - I Want You
I been thinkin bout I been thinkin bout I been thinkin bout u lately Thoughts take me to when we ...

Common - Hungry
Common: Yo, niggaz don't want none of this Niggaz know they can't fuck with this Turn this shit u...

Common - High Expectations
Yo yo check it Unattached and calm sundaes and pills I palm With intentions to make it to the l...

Common - Go
[Chorus] (Go) go, go, go, go, go and on the count of three (Go) go, go, go, go, go and on the count ...

Common - God (Gaining Ones Definition)
109a [Common] After bein' 25, you know, just trying to survive in the world Bout to have a little...

Common - Funky For You
Chorus: Bilal, Jill Scott Alright.....Okay [4X'] Alright......We'll make it funky for you now ...

Common - Full Moon
Intro: Freak freak y'all And you don't, don't stop Keep on y'all And you don't, don't stop (rep...

Common - Food, The (Live)
[Dave Chappelle] Tonight's musical guest Two of Chicago's Finest emcees! Give it up for Common and K...

Common - Food For Funk
Common: What yo yo yo yo yo Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Check it yo You say a one for the...

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Jay-Z A Tribe Called Quest Clipse Gang Starr Ghostface Killah Nas


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